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    Dantas, L. G.; Alencar, L.; Huettel, B.; Pedrosa-Harand, A.: Development of ten microsatellite markers for Alibertia edulis (Rubiaceae), a Brazilian savanna tree species. Molecular Biology Reports 46 (4), S. 4593 - 4597 (2019)
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    Dijkhuizen, L. W.; Brouwer, P.; Bolhuis, H.; Reichart, G.-J.; Koppers, N.; Huettel, B.; Bolger, A.M.; Li, F.-W.; Cheng, S.; Liu, X. et al.; Wong, G. K.-S.; Pryer, K.; Weber, A.; Braeutigam, A.; Schluepmann, H.: Is there foul play in the leaf pocket? The metagenome of floating fern Azolla reveals endophytes that do not fix N-2 but may denitrify. NEW PHYTOLOGIST 217 (1), S. 453 - 466 (2018)
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    Hagemann, M.; Gaertner, K.; Scharnagl, M.; Bolay, P.; Lott, S. C.; Fuß, J.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Klaehn, S.; Hess, W. R.: Identification of the DNA methyltransferases establishing the methylome of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp PCC 6803. DNA RESEARCH 25 (4), S. 343 - 352 (2018)
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    Hou, J.; Shi, X.; Chen, C.; Islam, M. S.; Johnson, A. F.; Kanno, T.; Huettel, B.; Yen, M.-R.; Hsu, F.-M.; Ji, T. et al.; Chen, P.-Y.; Matzke, M.; Matzke, A. J. M.; Cheng, J.; Birchler, J. A.: Global impacts of chromosomal imbalance on gene expression in Arabidopsis and other taxa. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115 (48), S. E11321 - E11330 (2018)
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    Li, F.-W.; Brouwer, P.; Carretero-Paulet, L.; Cheng, S.; de Vries, J.; Delaux, P.-M.; Eily, A.; Koppers, N.; Kuo, L.-Y.; Li, Z. et al.; Simenc, M.; Small, I.; Wafula, E.; Angarita, S.; Barker, M. S.; Braeutigam, A.; dePamphilis, C.; Gould, S.; Hosmani, P. S.; Huang, Y.-M.; Huettel, B.; Kato, Y.; Liu, X.; Maere, S.; McDowell, R.; Mueller, L. A.; Nierop, K. G. J.; Rensing, S. A.; Robison, T.; Rothfels, C. J.; Sigel, E. M.; Song, Y.; Timilsena, P. R.; Van de Peer, Y.; Wang, H.; Wilhelmsson, P. K. I.; Wolf, P. G.; Xu, X.; Der, J. P.; Schluepmann, H.; Wong, G. K.-S.; Pryer, K. M.: Fern genomes elucidate land plant evolution and cyanobacterial symbioses. Nature Plants 4 (7), S. 460 - 472 (2018)
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    Sun, H.-Q.; Rowan, B. A.; Flood, P. J.; Brandt, R.; Fuss, J.; Hancock, A. M.; Michelmore, R. W.; Huettel, B.; Schneeberger, K.: Linked-read sequencing of gametes allows efficient genome-wide analysis of meiotic recombination. bioRxiv (2018)
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    Wenzel, A.; Altmueller, J.; Ekici, A. B.; Popp, B.; Stueber, K.; Thiele, H.; Pannes, A.; Staubach, S.; Salido, E.; Nuernberg, P. et al.; Reinhardt, R.; Reis, A.; Rump, P.; Hanisch, F.-G.; Wolf, M. T. F.; Wiesener, M.; Huettel, B.; Beck, B. B.: Single molecule real time sequencing in ADTKD-MUC1 allows complete assembly of the VNTR and exact positioning of causative mutations. Scientific Reports 8 (2018)
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    Jiao, W.-B.; Garcia Accinelli, G.; Hartwig, B.; Kiefer, C.; Baker, D.; Severing, E.; Willing, E.-M.; Piednoel, M.; Woetzel, S.; Madrid-Herrero, E. et al.; Huettel, B.; Huemann, U.; Reinhardt, R.; Koch, M. A.; Swan, D.; Clavijo, B.; Coupland, G.; Schneeberger, K.: Improving and correcting the contiguity of long-read genome assemblies of three plant species using optical mapping and chromosome conformation capture data. Genome Research 27 (5), S. 778 - 786 (2017)
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    Schiessl, S.; Huettel, B.; Kuehn, D.; Reinhardt, R.; Snowdon, R. J.: Targeted deep sequencing of flowering regulators in Brassica napus reveals extensive copy number variation. Scientific Data 4 (2017)
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    Schiessl, S.; Huettel, B.; Kuehn, D.; Reinhardt, R.; Snowdon, R.: Post-polyploidisation morphotype diversification associates with gene copy number variation. Scientific Reports 7 (2017)
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    Schiessl, S. V.; Huettel, B.; Kuehn, D.; Reinhardt, R.; Snowdon, R. J.: Flowering Time Gene Variation in Brassica Species Shows Evolutionary Principles. Frontiers in Plant Science 8 (2017)
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    Seah, B. K. B.; Schwaha, T.; Volland, J.-M.; Huettel, B.; Dubilier, N.; Gruber-Vodicka, H. R.: Specificity in diversity: single origin of a widespread ciliate-bacteria symbiosis. PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B-BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 284 (1858) (2017)
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    Wanderley, A. M.; Vasconcelos, S.; Huettel, B.; Machado, I. C.; Benko-Iseppon, A. M.: Development of 15 SSR polymorphic markers for the endangered Ameroglossum pernambucense Eb. Fischer, S. Vogel & A. V. Lopes (Scrophulariaceae), and cross-transferability in congeneric taxa. Brazilian Journal of Botany 40 (4), S. 1007 - 1011 (2017)
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    Azevedo, H.; Azinheiro, S. G.; Munoz-Merida, A.; Castro, P. H.; Huettel, B.; Aarts, M. G. M.; Assuncao, A. G. L.: Transcriptomic profiling of Arabidopsis gene expression in response to varying micronutrient zinc supply. GENOMICS DATA 7, S. 256 - 258 (2016)
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    Blättner, S.; Das, S.; Paprotka, K.; Eilers, U.; Krischke, M.; Kretschmer, D.; Remmele, C.W.; Dittrich, M.; Müller, T.; Schuelein-Voelk, C. et al.; Hertlein, T.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Ohlsen, K.; Rudel, T.; Fraunholz, M.J.: Staphylococcus aureus Exploits a Non-ribosomal Cyclic Dipeptide to Modulate Survival within Epithelial Cells and Phagocytes. PLoS Pathogens 12 (2016)
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    Cartolano, M.; Huettel, B.; Hartwig, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Schneeberger, K.: cDNA Library Enrichment of Full Length Transcripts for SMRT Long Read Sequencing. PLoS One 11 (6), e0157779 (2016)
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    Forat, S.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Fimmers, R.; Haidl, G.; Denschlag, D.; Olek, K.: Methylation Markers for the Identification of Body Fluids and Tissues from Forensic Trace Evidence. PLoS One 11 (2) (2016)
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    Bai, Y.; Mueller, D. B.; Srinivas, G.; Garrido Oter, R.; Potthoff, E.; Rott, M.; Dombrowski, N.; Muench, P. C.; Spaepen, S.; Remus-Emsermann, M. et al.; Huettel, B.; McHardy, A. C.; Vorholt, J. A.; Schulze-Lefert, P.: Functional overlap of the Arabidopsis leaf and root microbiota. Nature 528 (7582), S. 364 - 369 (2015)
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    Fornara, F.; de Montaigu, A.; Sánchez Villarreal, A.; Takahashi, Y.; Ver Loren van Themaat, E.; Huettel, B.; Davis, S. J.; Coupland, G.: The GI-CDF module of Arabidopsis affects freezing tolerance and growth as well as flowering. The Plant Journal 81 (5), S. 695 - 706 (2015)
  21. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Frey, F. P.; Urbany, C.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Stich, B.: Genome-wide expression profiling and phenotypic evaluation of European maize inbreds at seedling stage in response to heat stress. BMC Genomics 16 (2015)
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    Sacharowski, S.; Gratkowska, D. M.; Sarnowska, E. A.; Kondrak, P.; Jancewicz, I.; Porri, A.; Bucior, E.; Rolicka, A. T.; Franzen, R.; Kowalczyk, J. et al.; Pawlikowska, K.; Huettel, B.; Torti, S.; Schmelzer, E.; Coupland, G.; Jerzmanowski, A.; Koncz, C.; Sarnowski, T. J.: SWP73 Subunits of Arabidopsis SWI/SNF Chromatin Remodeling Complexes Play Distinct Roles in Leaf and Flower Development. PLANT CELL 27 (7), S. 1889 - 1906 (2015)
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    Kopf, M.; Klähn, S.; Voss, B.; Stüber, K.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Hess, W. R.: Finished Genome Sequence of the Unicellular Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. Strain PCC 6714. Genome Announcements 2 (4) (2014)
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    Loehrer, M.; Vogel, A.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Benes, V.; Duplessis, S.; Usadel, B.; Schaffrath, U.: On the current status of Phakopsora pachyrhizi genome sequencing. Frontiers in Plant Science 5 (2014)
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    Petasch, J.; Disch, E.-M.; Markert, S.; Becher, D.; Schweder, T.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Harder, J.: The oxygen-independent metabolism of cyclic monoterpenes in Castellaniella defragrans 65Phen. BMC Microbiology 14 (2014)
  26. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Siewert, C.; Hess, W. R.; Duduk, B.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Buettner, C.; Kube, M.: Complete genome determination and analysis of Acholeplasma oculi strain 19L, highlighting the loss of basic genetic features in the Acholeplasmataceae. BMC Genomics 15 (2014)
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    Mann, A. J.; Hahnke, R. L.; Huang, S.; Werner, J.; Xing, P.; Barbeyon, T.; Huettel, B.; Stüber, K.; Reinhardt, R.: The Genome of the Alga-Associated Marine Flavobacterium Formosa agariphila KMM 3901T Reveals a Broad Potential for Degradation of Algal Polysaccharides. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 79, S. 6813 - 6822 (2013)
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    Meharg, C.; Khan, B.; Norton, G.; Deacon, C.; Johnson, D.; Reinhardt, R.; Huettel, B.; Meharg, A. A.: Trait-directed de novo population transcriptome dissects genetic regulation of a balanced polymorphism in phosphorus nutrition/arsenate tolerance in a wild grass, Holcus lanatus. New Phytologist 201, S. 144 - 1554 (2013)
  29. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Urbany, C.; Benke, A.; Marsian, J.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Stich, B.: Ups and downs of a transcriptional landscape shape iron deficiency associated chlorosis of the maize inbreds B73 and Mo17. BMC Plant Biology 13 (2013)
  30. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Wijnker, E.; James, G. V.; Ding, J.; Becker, F.; Klasen, J. R.; Rawat, V.; Rowan, B. A.; de Jong, D. F.; de Snoo, C. B.; Zapata, L. et al.; Huettel, B.; de Jong, H.; Ossowski, S.; Weigel, D.; Koornneef, M.; Keurentjes, J. J. B.; Schneeberger, K.: The genomic landscape of meiotic crossovers and gene conversions in Arabidopsis thaliana. ELIFE 2 (2013)
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    Woehrmann, T.; de Barros Pinange, D. S.; Krapp, F.; Benko-Iseppon, A.-M.; Huettel, B.; Weising, K.: Development of 15 nuclear microsatellite markers in the genus Dyckia (Pitcairnioideae; Bromeliaceae) using 454 pyrosequencing. CONSERVATION GENETICS RESOURCES 5 (1), S. 81 - 84 (2013)
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    Beutin, L.; Hammerl, J. A.; Strauch, E.; Reetz, J.; Dieckmann, R.; Kelner-Burgos, Y.; Martin, A.; Miko, A.; Strockbine, N. A.; Lindstedt, B. A. et al.; Horn, D.; Monse, H.; Huettel, B.; Mueller, I.; Stueber, K.; Reinhardt, R.: Spread of a Distinct Stx2-Encoding Phage Prototype among Escherichia coli O104:H4 Strains from Outbreaks in Germany, Norway, and Georgia. Journal of Virology 86 (19), S. 10444 - 10455 (2012)
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    Bulgarelli, D.; Rott, M.; Schlaeppi, K.; Ver Loren van Themaat, E.; Ahmadinejad, N.; Assenza, F.; Rauf, P.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Schmelzer, E. et al.; Peplies, J.; Gloeckner, F. O.; Amann, R.; Eickhorst, T.; Schulze-Lefert, P.: Revealing structure and assembly cues for Arabidopsis root-inhabiting bacterial microbiota. NATURE 488 (7409), S. 91 - 95 (2012)
  34. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Bus, A.; Hecht, J.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Stich, B.: High-throughput polymorphism detection and genotyping in Brassica napus using next-generation RAD sequencing. BMC Genomics 13 (2012)
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    Engelhorn, J.; Reimer, J. J.; Leuz, I.; Goebel, U.; Huettel, B.; Farrona, S.; Turck, F.: DEVELOPMENT-RELATED PcG TARGET IN THE APEX 4 controls leaf margin architecture in Arabidopsis thaliana. Development 139 (14), S. 2566 - 2575 (2012)
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    Frei Dit Frey, N.; Mbengue, M.; Kwaaitaal, M.; Nitsch, L.; Altenbach, D.; Haeweker, H.; Lozano-Duran, R.; Njo, M. F.; Beeckman, T.; Huettel, B. et al.; Borst, J. W.; Panstruga, R.; Robatzek, S.: Plasma Membrane Calcium ATPases Are Important Components of Receptor-Mediated Signaling in Plant Immune Responses and Development. Plant Physiology 159 (2), S. 798 - + (2012)
  37. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Hajheidrai, M.; Farrona, S.; Huettel, B.; Koncz, Z.; Koncz, C.: CDKF;1 and CDKD Protein Kinases Regulate Phosphorylation of Serine Residues in the C-Terminal Domain of Arabidopsis RNA Polymerase II. Plant Cell 24 (4), S. 1626 - 1642 (2012)
  38. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Krapp, F.; Woehrmann, T.; de Barros Pinange, D. S.; Benko-Iseppon, A. M.; Huettel, B.; Weising, K.: A set of plastid microsatellite loci for the genus Dyckia (Bromeliaceae) derived from 454 pyrosequencing. American Journal of Botany 99 (12) (2012)
  39. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Woehrmann, T.; Wagner, N.; Krapp, F.; Huettel, B.; Weising, K.: DEVELOPMENT OF MICROSATELLITE MARKERS IN FOSTERELLA RUSBYI (BROMELIACEAE) USING 454 PYROSEQUENCING. American Journal of Botany 99 (4), S. E160 - E163 (2012)
  40. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Assunçãoa, A. G. L.; Herrero, E.; Lin, Y.-F.; Huettel, B.; Talukdar, S.; Smaczniak, C.; Immink, R. G. H.; van Eldik, M.; Fiers, M.; Schat, H. et al.; Aarts, M. G. M.: Arabidopsis thaliana transcription factors bZIP19 and bZIP23 regulate the adaptation to zinc deficiency. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107, 10.1073/pnas.1004788107, S. 10296 - 10301 (2010)
  41. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Matzke, M.; Kanno, T.; Claxinger, L.; Huettel, B.; Matzke, A. J. M.: RNA-mediated chromatin-based silencing in plants. Current Opinion in Cell Biology 21 (3), S. 367 - 376 (2009)
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