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Frerichs, A.; Engelhorn, J.; Altmueller, J.; Gutierrez-Marcos, J.; Werr, W.: Specific chromatin changes mark lateral organ founder cells in the Arabidopsis inflorescence meristem (vol 70, pg 3867, 2019). Journal of Experimental Botany 70 (15), S. 4065 - 4066 (2019)
Dong, X.; Reimer, J. J.; Goebel, U.; Engelhorn, J.; He, F.; Schoof, H.; Turck, F.: Natural variation of H3K27me3 distribution between two Arabidopsis accessions and its association with flanking transposable elements. Genome Biology 13, R117 (2012)
Engelhorn, J.; Reimer, J. J.; Leuz, I.; Goebel, U.; Huettel, B.; Farrona, S.; Turck, F.: DEVELOPMENT-RELATED PcG TARGET IN THE APEX 4 controls leaf margin architecture in Arabidopsis thaliana. Development 139 (14), S. 2566 - 2575 (2012)
Farrona, S.; Thorpe, F. L.; Engelhorn, J.; Adrian, J.; Dong, X.; Sarid-Krebs, L.; Goodrich, J.; Turck, F.: Tissue-Specific Expression of FLOWERING LOCUS T in Arabidopsis Is Maintained Independently of Polycomb Group Protein Repression. PLANT CELL 23 (9), S. 3204 - 3214 (2011)

Buchkapitel (2)

Engelhorn, J.; Turck, F.: Meta-analysis of Genome-Wide Chromatin Data. In: Methods in Molecular Biology, Bd. 1456, S. 33 - 50 (Hg. Kovalchuk, I.). Humana Press, New York (2017)
Engelhorn, J.; Turck, F.: Metaanalysis of ChIP-chip Data. In: Plant Epigenetics, 10.1007/978-1-60761-646-7, S. 185 - 207 (Hg. Kovalchuk, I.; Zemp, F. J.). Humana Press, New York (2010)

Konferenzbericht (1)

Chahtane, H.; Denay, G.; Engelhorn, J.; Monniaux, M.; Moyroud, E.; Moreau, F.; Carles, C.; Tichtinsky, G.; Zubieta, C.; Parcy, F.: Floral development: an integrated view. In: FROM MOLECULES TO LIVING ORGANISMS: AN INTERPLAY BETWEEN BIOLOGY AND PHYSICS, S. 43 - 116. Les Houches Summer School, Les Houches, FRANCE, 01. Juli 2014 - 01. August 2014. OXFORD UNIV PRESS, 198 MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK, NY 10016 USA (2016)

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Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Engelhorn, J.: Identification of developmental functions for Arabidopsis thaliana genes by a reverse genetics approach based on analysis of H3K27me3 distribution. Dissertation, Universität Köln, Köln (2011)
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