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    Albani, M.; Castaings, L.; Woetzel, S.; Mateos, J. L.; Wunder, J.; Wang, R.; Reymond, M.; Coupland, G.: PEP1 of Arabis alpina Is Encoded by Two Overlapping Genes That Contribute to Natural Genetic Variation in Perennial Flowering. PLoS Genetics 8(12) (2012)
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    Alcázar, R.; Pecinka, A.; Aarts, M. G. M.; Fransz, P. F.; Koornneef, M.: Signals of speciation within Arabidopsis thaliana in comparison with its relatives. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 15 (2), S. 205 - 211 (2012)
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    Andrés, F.; Coupland, G.: The genetic basis of flowering responses to seasonal cues. Nature Reviews Genetics 13 (9), S. 627 - 639 (2012)
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    Bagheri, H.; El-Soda, M.; van Oorschot, I.; Hanhart, C.; Bonnema, G.; Jansen-van den Bosch, T.; Mank, R.; Keurentjes, J.; Meng, L.; Wu, J. et al.; Koornneef, M.; Aarts, M. G. M.: Genetic analysis of morphological traits in a new, versatile, rapid-cycling Brassica rapa recombinant inbred line population. Frontiers in Plant Genetics and Genomics 3 (2012)
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    Bai, S.; Liu, J.; Chang, C.; Zhang, L.; Maekawa, T.; Wang, Q.; Xiao, W.; Liu, Y.; Chai, J.; Takken, F. L. W. et al.; Schulze-Lefert, P.; Shen, Q.-H.: Structure-Function Analysis of Barley NLR Immune Receptor MLA10 Reveals Its Cell Compartment Specific Activity in Cell Death and Disease Resistance. PLoS Pathogens 8 (6), doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1002752 (2012)
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    Bernal, M.; Casero, D.; Singh, V.; Wilson, G. T.; Grande, A.; Yang, H.; Dodani, S. C.; Pellegrini, M.; Huijser, P.; Connolly, E. L. et al.; Merchant, S. S.; Kraemer, U.: Transcriptome Sequencing Identifies SPL7-Regulated Copper Acquisition Genes FRO4/FRO5 and the Copper Dependence of Iron Homeostasis in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 24 (2), S. 738 - 761 (2012)
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    Beutin, L.; Hammerl, J. A.; Strauch, E.; Reetz, J.; Dieckmann, R.; Kelner-Burgos, Y.; Martin, A.; Miko, A.; Strockbine, N. A.; Lindstedt, B. A. et al.; Horn, D.; Monse, H.; Huettel, B.; Mueller, I.; Stueber, K.; Reinhardt, R.: Spread of a Distinct Stx2-Encoding Phage Prototype among Escherichia coli O104:H4 Strains from Outbreaks in Germany, Norway, and Georgia. Journal of Virology 86 (19), S. 10444 - 10455 (2012)
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    Bhosale, S. U.; Stich, B.; Rattunde, H. F. W.; Weltzien, E.; Haussmann, B. I. G.; Hash, C. T.; Ramu, P.; Cuevas, H. E.; Paterson, A. H.; Melchinger, A. E. et al.; Parzies, H. K.: Association analysis of photoperiodic flowering time genes in west and central African sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench]. BMC Plant Biology 12, 32 (2012)
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    Birkenbihl, R.; Diezel, C.; Somssich, I. E.: Arabidopsis WRKY33 Is a Key Transcriptional Regulator of Hormonal and Metabolic Responses toward Botrytis cinerea Infection. Plant Physiology 159 (1), S. 266 - 285 (2012)
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    Bulgarelli, D.; Rott, M.; Schlaeppi, K.; Ver Loren van Themaat, E.; Ahmadinejad, N.; Assenza, F.; Rauf, P.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Schmelzer, E. et al.; Peplies, J.; Gloeckner, F. O.; Amann, R.; Eickhorst, T.; Schulze-Lefert, P.: Revealing structure and assembly cues for Arabidopsis root-inhabiting bacterial microbiota. NATURE 488 (7409), S. 91 - 95 (2012)
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    Buonocore, F.; Castro, R.; Randelli, E.; Lefranc, M.-P.; Six, A.; Kuhl, H.; Reinhardt, R.; Facchiano, A.; Boudinot, P.; Scapigliati, G.: Diversity, Molecular Characterization and Expression of T Cell Receptor gamma in a Teleost Fish, the Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax, L). PLoS One 7 (10) (2012)
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    Bus, A.; Hecht, J.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Stich, B.: High-throughput polymorphism detection and genotyping in Brassica napus using next-generation RAD sequencing. BMC Genomics 13 (2012)
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    Campoli, C.; Drosse, B.; Searle, I.; Coupland, G.; von Korff, M.: Functional characterisation of HvCO1, the barley (Hordeum vulgare) flowering time ortholog of CONSTANS. The Plant Journal 69 (5), S. 868 - 880 (2012)
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    Campoli, C.; Shtaya, M.; Davis, S. J.; von Korff, M.: Expression conservation within the circadian clock of a monocot: natural variation at barley Ppd-H1 affects circadian expression of flowering time genes, but not clock orthologs. BMC Plant Biology 12 (2012)
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    Chao, Y.; Papenfort, K.; Reinhardt, R.; Sharma, C.M.; Vogel, J.: An atlas of Hfq-bound transcripts reveals 3 ' UTRs as a genomic reservoir of regulatory small RNAs. EMBO Journal 31 (20), S. 4005 - 4019 (2012)
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    Chitwood, D. H.; Headland, L. R.; Filiault, D. L.; Kumar , R.; Jiménez-Gómez, J. M.: Native Environment Modulates Leaf Size and Response to Simulated Foliar Shade across Wild Tomato Species. PLoS One 7 (1) (2012)
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    Dam, B.; Dam, S.; Kube, M.; Reinhardt, R.; Liesack, W.: Complete Genome Sequence of Methylocystis sp Strain SC2, an Aerobic Methanotroph with High-Affinity Methane Oxidation Potential. Journal of Bacteriology (Washington, DC) 194 (21), S. 6008 - 6009 (2012)
  18. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Dam, B.; Kube, M.; Dam, S.; Reinhardt, R.; Liesack, W.: Complete Sequence Analysis of Two Methanotroph-Specific repABC-Containing Plasmids from Methylocystis sp Strain SC2. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78 (12), S. 4373 - 4379 (2012)
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    de Meaux, J.; Pecinka, A.: The Arabidopsis genus: An emerging model to elucidate the molecular basis of interspecific differences in transposable element activity. Mobile Genetic Elements 2 (2012)
  20. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Delgado-Cerezo, M.; Sánchez-Rodríguez, C.; Escudero, V.; Miedes, E.; Virginia Fernánde, P.; Jordá, L.; Hernández-Blanco, C.; Sánchez-Vallet, A.; Bednarek, P.; Schulze-Lefert, P. et al.; Somerville, S.; Estevez, J. M.; Persson, S.; Molina, A.: Arabidopsis heterotrimeric G protein regulates cell wall-mediated resistance to necrotrophic fungi. Molecular Plant 5, S. 98 - 114 (2012)
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