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Sacharowski, S.; Gratkowska, D. M.; Sarnowska, E. A.; Kondrak, P.; Jancewicz, I.; Porri, A.; Bucior, E.; Rolicka, A. T.; Franzen, R.; Kowalczyk, J. et al.; Pawlikowska, K.; Huettel, B.; Torti, S.; Schmelzer, E.; Coupland, G.; Jerzmanowski, A.; Koncz, C.; Sarnowski, T. J.: SWP73 Subunits of Arabidopsis SWI/SNF Chromatin Remodeling Complexes Play Distinct Roles in Leaf and Flower Development. PLANT CELL 27 (7), S. 1889 - 1906 (2015)
Andrés Lalaguna, F.; Porri, A.; Torti, S.; Mateos, J. L.; Romera Branchat, M.; Luis Garcia-Martinez, J.; Fornara, F.; Gregis, V.; Kater, M. M.; Coupland, G.: SHORT VEGETATIVE PHASE reduces gibberellin biosynthesis at the Arabidopsis shoot apex to regulate the floral transition. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111 (26), S. E2760 - E2769 (2014)
Gregis, V.; Andrés Lalaguna, F.; Sessa, A.; Guerra, R. F.; Simonini, S.; Mateos, J. L.; Torti, S.; Zambelli, F.; Prazzoli, G. M.; Bjerkan, K. N. et al.; Grini, P. E.; Pavesi, G.; Colombo, L.; Coupland, G.; Kater, M. M.: Identification of pathways directly regulated by SHORT VEGETATIVE PHASE during vegetative and reproductive development in Arabidopsis. Genome Biology 14 (6), R56 (2013)
Porri, A.; Torti, S.; Romera-Branchat, M.; Coupland, G.: Spatially distinct regulatory roles for gibberellins in the promotion of flowering of Arabidopsis under long photoperiods. Development 139 (12), S. 2198 - 2209 (2012)
Torti, S.; Fornara, F.; Vincent, C.; Andrés, F.; Nordstroem, K.; Goebel, U.; Knoll, D.; Schoof, H.; Coupland, G.: Analysis of the Arabidopsis Shoot Meristem Transcriptome during Floral Transition Identifies Distinct Regulatory Patterns and a Leucine-Rich Repeat Protein That Promotes Flowering. Plant Cell 24 (2), S. 444 - 462 (2012)
D'Aloia, M.; Bonhomme, D.; Bouche, F.; Tamseddak, K.; Ormenese, S.; Torti, S.; Coupland, G.; Perilleux, C.: Cytokinin promotes flowering of Arabidopsis via transcriptional activation of the FT paralogue TSF. Plant Journal 65 (6), S. 972 - 979 (2011)
Adrian, J.; Torti, S.; Turck, F.: From Decision to Commitment: The Molecular Memory of Flowering. Molecular Plant 2 (4), S. 628 - 642 (2009)
Jang, S.; Torti, S.; Coupland, G.: Genetic and spatial interactions between FT, TSF and SVP during the early stages of floral induction in Arabidopsis. Plant Journal 60 (4), S. 614 - 625 (2009)

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Andrés Lalaguna, F.; Torti, S.; Vincent, C.; Coupland, G.: Sample Preparation of Arabidopsis thaliana Shoot Apices for Expression Studies of Photoperiod-Induced Genes. In: ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSES IN PLANTS: METHODS AND PROTOCOLS, S. 81 - 91 (2016)
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