Template GSfBS Email


Application for Admission form



Dear Dr. Isabell Witt,


I, [Ms/Mr/Mx] [FIRSTNAME LASTNAME], have started my PhD on [MONTH], [DAY] [YEAR] in [SUPERVISOR]’s group at the [Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research/the Institute for Plant Sciences] and am a member of the MPIPZ graduate programme. For my PhD studies, I would like to become a member of the Graduate School for Biological Sciences (GSfBS) and would kindly ask you to sign the attached ‘Application for Admission as a PhD Student of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Cologne’ form and return it to me at your earliest convenience.


I will list the GSfBS when registering with Docfile and will send you the signed GSfBS registration form once I have assembled my Thesis Advisory Committee.


Please contact me if you need any further information.


Many thanks and best wishes, 

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