Campus Life

Our TATA bar is maintained by volunteers and offers a relaxing atmosphere to sit down for drinks, music and nibblings. While always open, the MPIPZ staff gets together on Thursday evenings for organised events. These are typically organised by a group of colleagues from one cultural environment and feature local specialties to celebrate our internationality.
Our campus canteen is situated lovely and serves breakfast and lunch for all employees of the MPIPZ.
The WissenschaftsScheune (ScienceBarn) is to spark curiosity about and arouse interest in plant science. It gives the public an opportunity to experience many aspects of plant science - from basic research to agriculture, from the DNA molecule to cultivation of crop varieties and their wild progenitors. The ScienceBarn with exhibitions and interactive displays is situated next to the shown demonstration garden.
The scientific year is additionally spiced up by institute events such as the institute run (shown) before our summer party, a poker championchip and - of course - a carnival party.
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