Diversity & equal opportunities at the MPIPZ

Diversity & equal opportunities at the MPIPZ

Our Institute relies on the diversity of scientific expertise, creativity and passion to perform outstanding research in an international environment at the highest scientific level. The Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research is committed to providing an inclusive, non-discriminatory, internationally diverse and family-friendly environment for its employees to pursue their careers irrespective of gender, nationality, religion, disability, age, cultural background and sexual orientation.

Our measures to promote equal opportunities at our Institute focus on the reconciliation of work and family, on career development of young researchers and on preventing gender-related discrimination.

Gender equality and gender sensibility

At the MPIPZ, the gender equality officer and her deputy are the contact persons for all questions regarding gender equality and gender sensibility. They are involved in measures which affect the equal opportunities of women and men, the compatibility of work and family and the protection against sexual harassment at the workplace.

Balancing work and family

  • Subsidized childcare for MPIPZ employees is offered by the Little Pumpkins childcare facility situated in a bungalow fit for this purpose adjacent to the campus. Care for nine children is provided by two staff members ("day mothers") under supervision of the Youth Care Department of the City of Cologne. In addition, the Institute operates a family-friendly policy regarding working hours and meeting schedules.
  • The parent-child room is aimed at helping staff members of our institute to compensate for the short-term cancellation of other childcare options. In addition, it offers visiting guest scientists the opportunity to travel with their children. Please contact the of the MPIPZ for further information and booking possibilities.
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