MPIPZ PhD student nominated as Plantae Fellow<br /> 
Rigel Salinas-Gamboa, IMPRS student in the Mercier group, was elected to be part of the new 2022 Plantae Fellow class.
Emmy Noether funding granted for Isabel Saur<br /> 
Isabel Saur, former postdoc in the Schulze-Lefert group has been granted a DFG Emmy Noether group leader position. [more]
EU gene-editing legislation - ongoing debate<br /> 
MPIPZ provides feedback to the initiative of the European Commission on 'Legislation for plants produced by certain new genomic techniques’
Motivation and Inspiration at the MPIPZ Postdoc Symposium<br /> 
For the second time, our postdoctoral students invited to a great symposium of interesting talks and discussions.
Heinz Billing Prize awarded to former MPIPZ post-doc<br /> 
Adam Runions, a former post-doc in the Tsiantis group, has been awarded the prestigious Heinz Billing Prize by the Max Planck Society for his work on the Modelling and Analysis of Morphogenetic Processes in plants.   [more]
PhD Tree Alley planted at MPIPZ<br /> 
On October 4 it was finally time to inaugurate the new PhD Tree Alley. [more]
Mouse Day at the MPIPZ<br /> 

Mouse Day at the MPIPZ

October 04, 2021
Triple DFG grant success<br /><br /> 

Triple DFG grant success


September 20, 2021
We are delighted to announce that three early career researchers from the Department of Plant Microbe Interactions [more]
Great success for PhD Retreat
For the 16th time, PhD students from the IMPRS on "Understanding Complex Plant Traits Using Computational and Evolutionary Approaches“ and the MPIPZ Graduate School were presenting their work to their research fellows. [more]
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