Non-Academic Careers

Non-Academic Careers

Our program sets PhD students up for careers inside and outside academia. These are resources to inform yourself about non-academic options:

Planck Academy Industry Track

  • The Career Evolution Web Series typically takes place on Thursdays and hosts Max Planck alumni, industry partners, coaches and trainers who talk about their career transfer from science to industry.
  • The Career Evolution Games Week takes place annually and features trainers and coaches from the Planck Academy who promote teamwork skills, business-oriented thinking, improvisation and communication, career strategies and leadership skills. Attendees can further speed-date contact from industry to expand their network.
  • Continuous training by the Planck Academy helps you to navigate through academic and non-academic career options and allows you to expand your professional skill set.

University of Cologne

  • The Graduate School for Biological Sciences and the Albertus Magnus Center host workshops on courses on career topics and also on professional skills that may facilitate your transition from academia to non-academic areas.
  • Particularly female PhD students can benefit from mentoring programs, some of which are specifically tailored to participants interested in careers outside academia.


  • We maintain a continuously growing group of MPIPZ Current and Alumni Members who work in a variety of sectors and whom you can contact if you seek for information on their positions.
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