Reconciliation of Family and Research

It’s not a question of either or, but of HOW.

Being able to balance family and research can be a struggle. To support you in managing both, the MPS has set up important platforms for you:

The MPS offers excellent support when it comes to balancing both, research and family responsibilities. On the Intranet webpage you will find helpful information regarding infant care, maternity protection, parental leave etc. You can also contact Martha Rossmayer at the headquarters in Munich for general information and support. more

Maternity Protection in the Lab

To offer pregnant or breastfeeding employees the best safety measurements, the MPS has created a guide for Maternity Protection in the Lab. Should you have questions or concerns, please contact Diana Hofmann at the MPIPZ.
The Little Pumpkins, our day care facility, and the parent-child-office support parents in managing both family and research, including information on child care when going on business trips. Please visit our child care website for an overview of offers and supprt. more
The MPS also collaborates with the private company pme which offers a variety of services, including counseling, childcare and care for relatives. Even though the website is not in English, counselling is offered in English and their service is excellent.To receive their full scope of services, please fill out the following form first and have it signed by the head of administration.

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