Social Life

Cologne is situated in the Rhineland where people are known to be especially open-minded and friendly. Despite being one of Germany's largest cities, a dense transit system makes it easy to get around and there is something for everyone.

Going out | Visit one of Cologne's breweries  where they serve the local Kölsch or check out the bars and clubs in Ehrenfeld, the Belgian Quater and other parts of the city.

Culture | Visit one of over 40 museums, one of over 30 theatre stages or go to the Philharmonic Hall.

Sports | Watch the 1. FC Köln, the Kölner Haie or do do sports yourself. There are numerous public swimming pools, gyms (special offer available at Just Fit) and all students at the University of Cologne can make use of UniSport.

Entertainment | Go to the Metropolis  or OFF Broadway cinema where they show English movies throughout the year and take part in the Cologne carnival .

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