Publikationen von J. Hu

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Hu, J.; Zhou, Y.; He, F.; Dong, X.; Liu, L.-Y.; Coupland, G.; Turck, F.; de Meaux, J.: miR824-Regulated AGAMOUS-LIKE16 Contributes to Flowering Time Repression in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 26 (5), S. 2024 - 2037 (2014)
Liu, L.; Adrian, J.; Pankin, A.; Hu, J.; Dong, X.; von Korff, M.; Turck, F.: Induced and natural variation of promoter length modulates the photoperiodic response of FLOWERING LOCUS T. Nature Communications 5, 4558 (2014)
Falke, K. C.; Glander, S.; Fei, H.; Hu, J.; de Meaux, J.; Schmitz, G.: The spectrum of mutations controlling complex traits and the genetics of fitness in plants. Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 23 (6), S. 665 - 671 (2013)
He, F.; Zhang, X.; Hu, J.; Turck, F.; Dong, X.; Goebel, U.; Borevitz, J.; de Meaux, J.: Genome-wide Analysis of Cis-regulatory Divergence between Species in the Arabidopsis Genus. Molecular Biology and Evolution 29 (11), S. 3385 - 3395 (2012)
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