Publikationen von P. H. Reeves

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Murtas, G.; Reeves, P. H.; Fu, Y. F.; Bancroft, I.; Dean, C.; Coupland, G.: A nuclear protease required for flowering-time regulation in Arabidopsis reduces the abundance of SMALL UBIQUITIN-RELATED MODIFIER conjugates. Plant Cell 15 (10), S. 2308 - 2319 (2003)
Reeves, P. H.; Murtas, G.; Dash, S.; Coupland, G.: early in short days 4, a mutation in Arabidopsis that causes early flowering and reduces the mRNA abundance of the floral repressor FLC. Development 129 (23), S. 5349 - 5361 (2002)
Robson, F.; Costa, M. M. R.; Hepworth, S. R.; Vizir, I.; Pineiro, M.; Reeves, P. H.; Putterill, J.; Coupland, G.: Functional importance of conserved domains in the flowering- time gene CONSTANS demonstrated by analysis of mutant alleles and transgenic plants. Plant Journal 28 (6), S. 619 - 631 (2001)
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