Publikationen von A. Becker

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Becker, A.; Saedler, H.; Theissen, G.: Distinct MADS-box gene expression patterns in the reproductive cones of the gymnosperm Gnetum gnemon. Development Genes and Evolution 213 (11), S. 567 - 572 (2003)
Becker, A.; Bey, M.; Burglin, T. R.; Saedler, H.; Theissen, G.: Ancestry and diversity of BEL1-like homeobox genes revealed by gymnosperm (Gnetum gnemon) homologs. Development Genes and Evolution 212 (9), S. 452 - 457 (2002)
Becker, A.; Kaufmann, K.; Freialdenhoven, A.; Vincent, C.; Li, M. A.; Saedler, H.; Theissen, G.: A novel MADS-box gene subfamily with a sister-group relationship to class B floral homeotic genes. Molecular Genetics and Genomics 266 (6), S. 942 - 950 (2002)
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