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Sang, Q.; Pajoro, A.; Sun, H.-Q.; Song, B.; Yang, X.; Stolze, S. C.; Andrés Lalaguna, F.; Schneeberger, K.; Nakagami, H.; Coupland, G.: Mutagenesis of a Quintuple Mutant Impaired in Environmental Responses Reveals Roles for CHROMATIN REMODELING4 in the Arabidopsis Floral Transition. The Plant Cell (2020)
Severing, E.; Faino, L.; Jamge, S.; Busscher, M.; Kuijer-Zhang, Y.; Bellinazzo, F.; Busscher-Lange, J.; Fernandez, V.; Angenent, G. C.; Immink, R. G. H. et al.; Pajoro, A.: Arabidopsis thaliana ambient temperature responsive lncRNAs. BMC Plant Biology 18, 145 (2018)
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