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Amanda, D.; Frey, F. P.; Neumann, U.; Przybyl, M.; Šimura, J.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, Z.; Gallavotti, A.; Fernie, A. R.; Ljung, K. et al.; Acosta, I. F.: Auxin boosts energy generation pathways to fuel pollen maturation in barley. Current Biology (2022)
Acosta, I. F.: Letter to the Editor: Author Response-The Role of Auxin in Late Stamen Development. Plant and Cell Physiology 61 (9), S. 1533 - 1534 (2020)
Acosta, I. F.; Przybyl, M.: Jasmonate Signaling during Arabidopsis Stamen Maturation. Special Issue 60 (12), S. 2648 - 2659 (2019)
Schubert, R.; Dobritzsch, S.; Gruber, C.; Hause, G.; Athmer, B.; Schreiber, T.; Marillonnet, S.; Okabe, Y.; Ezura, H.; Acosta, I. F. et al.; Tarkowska, D.; Hause, B.: Tomato MYB21 Acts in Ovules to Mediate Jasmonate-Regulated Fertility. The Plant Cell 31 (5), S. 1043 - 1062 (2019)
Wozny, D.; Kramer, K.; Finkemeier, I.; Acosta, I.; Koornneef, M.: Genes for seed longevity in barley identified by genomic analysis on near isogenic lines. Plant, Cell and Environment 41 (8), S. 1895 - 1911 (2018)
Hayward, A. P.; Moreno, M. A.; Howard III, T. P.; Hague, J.; Nelson, K.; Heffelfinger, C.; Romero, S.; Kausch, A. P.; Glauser, G.; Acosta, I. F. et al.; Mottinger, J. P.; Dellaporta, S. L.: Control of sexuality by the sk1-encoded UDP-glycosyltransferase of maize. Science Advances 2 (10), e1600991 (2016)
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