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Song, W.; Foerderer, A.; Yu, D.; Chai, J.: Structural biology of plant defence. New Phytologist (2020)
Velanis, C. N.; Perera, P.; Thomson, B.; de Leau, E.; Liang, S. C.; Hartwig, B.; Foerderer, A.; Thornton, H.; Arede, P.; Chen, J. et al.; Webb, K. M.; Guemues, S.; De Jaeger, G.; Page, C. A.; Hancock, C. N.; Spanos, C.; Rappsilber, J.; Voigt, P.; Turck, F.; Wellmer, F.; Goodrich, J.: The domesticated transposase ALP2 mediates formation of a novel Polycomb protein complex by direct interaction with MSI1, a core subunit of Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 (PRC2). PLoS Genetics 16 (5), e1008681 (2020)
Zhou, Y.; Tergemina, E.; Tergemina, E.; Cui, H.; Foerderer, A.; Hartwig, B.; James, G. V.; Schneeberger, K.; Turck, F.: Ctf4-related protein recruits LHP1-PRC2 to maintain H3K27me3 levels in dividing cells in Arabidopsis thaliana. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114 (18), S. 4833 - 4838 (2017)
Foerderer, A.; Zhou, Y.; Turck, F.: The age of multiplexity: recruitment and interactions of Polycomb complexes in plants. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 29, S. 169 - 178 (2016)
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