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Zhong, J.; van Esse, W.; Bi, X.; Lan, T.; Walla, A.; Sang, Q.; Franzen, R.; von Korff, M.: INTERMEDIUM-M encodes an HvAP2L-H5 ortholog and is required for inflorescence indeterminacy and spikelet determinacy in barley. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118 (8), e2011779118 (2021)
van Esse, W.; Walla, A.; Finke, A.; Koornneef, M.; Pecinka, A.; von Korff, M.: Six-Rowed Spike3 (VRS3) Is a Histone Demethylase That Controls Lateral Spikelet Development in Barley. Plant Physiology 174 (4), S. 2397 - 2408 (2017)
Liller, C.; Neuhaus, R.; von Korff, M.; Koornneef, M.; van Esse, W.: Mutations in Barley Row Type Genes Have Pleiotropic Effects on Shoot Branching. PLoS One 10 (10), e0140246 (2015)
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