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Vijaya Batthula*, L.V., Russell*, N.J., Bagde, S.R., Saint-Antoine, M., Brownfield, B., Mughal, S., Apprill, L. E., Khosla, A., Clark, F. K., Schwarz, E. M., Alseekh, S., Fernie, A.R., Singh, A., Schrick, K., Fromme, J. C., Skirycz, A., Formosa-Jordan^, P., Roeder^, A. H.R. (2024) The transcription factor ATML1 maintains giant cell identity by inducing synthesis of its own long-chain fatty acid-containing ligands. bioRxiv (*: equal contributors; ^: corresponding author) Link


Cerise, M., Falavigna, V.S., Rodriguez-Maroto, G., Signol, A., Severing, E., Gao, H., van Driel, A., Vincent, C., Wilkens, S., Iacobini, F., Formosa-Jordan, P., Pajoro, A., and Coupland, G. (2023) Two modes of gene regulation by TFL1 mediate its dual function in flowering time and shoot determinacy of Arabidopsis. Development, 150, dev202089. Link

Formosa-Jordan^, P. and Landrein, B. (2023) Quantifying gene expression domains in plant shoot apical meristems. In: Riechmann JL, Ferrandiz C (eds) Flower Development: Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, Second Edi. Springer   (^: corresponding author) Link (or see Link to HAL preprint)

Formosa-Jordan*, P., Holloway*, D.M. and Diambra*, L. (2023) Editorial: Pattern formation in Biology. Front. Phys. Sec. Biophysics. (*: equal contributors)  Link 


Abley*, K., Formosa-Jordan*, P., Tavares, H., Chan, E. Y. T.,  Afsharinafar, M., Leyser, O. and Locke, J. C.W. (2021) An ABA-GA bistable switch can account for natural variation in the variability of Arabidopsis seed germination time. eLife; 10:e59485. (*: equal contributors) Link


Landrein, B., Formosa-Jordan, P., Malivert, A., Schuster, C., Melnyk, C. W., Yang, W., Turnbull, C., Meyerowitz, E. M., Locke, J. C.W. and Jönsson, H. (2018) Nitrate modulates stem cell dynamics in Arabidopsis shoot meristems through cytokinins. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA. 115:1382-1387. Link

Formosa-Jordan*, P., Teles*, J. and Jönsson, H. (2018) Single-cell approaches for understanding morphogenesis using Computational Morphodynamics. In: Morris R. (eds) Mathematical Modelling in Plant Biology. Springer, Cham Link


Fàbregas*, N., Formosa-Jordan*, P., Ibañes, M. and Caño-Delgado, A. I.  (2017) Experimental and Theoretical Methods to Approach the Study of Vascular Patterning in the Plant Shoot.  In "Xylem - Methods and Protocols", Methods in Molecular Biology, ed. M. de Lucas and J. Peter Etchells. Springer Science+Business Media, New York. (*: equal contributors) Link

Meyer*, H. M., Teles*, J., Formosa-Jordan*, P., Refahi, Y., San-Bento, R., Ingram, G., Jönsson, H., Locke, J. C.W. and Roeder, A. H.K. (2017) Fluctuations of the transcription factor ATML1 generate the pattern of giant cells in the Arabidopsis sepal. eLife, 10.7554/eLife.19131. (*: equal contributors)  Link


Fàbregas*, N.,  Formosa-Jordan*, P., Confraria*, A., Siligato, R., Alonso, J. M., Swarup, R., Bennett, M. J., Pekka Mähönen, A., Caño-Delgado, A. I. and Ibañes, M. (2015) Influx carriers control vascular patterning and xylem differentiation in Arabidopsis thaliana. PLoS Genetics11(4): e1005183. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1005183. (*: equal contributors)  Link


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