Pau Formosa-Jordan

Pau Formosa-Jordan

Group Leader
CV Pau Formosa-Jordan
Pau is a Physicist by training, and he is leading a multidisciplinary group that combines theory and experiments for understanding multicellular dynamics in plant development.

Josep Mercadal Melià

CEPLAS visiting postdoc
Josep is a Physicist who has been studying pattern formation in plant tissues using modelling and image analysis. He is visiting us to model the effect of tissue growth in cellular patterning
Gabriel Rodriguez Maroto

Gabriel Rodriguez Maroto

IMPRS PhD student
Gabriel is a Mathematical and Biomedical Engineer studying the gene regulatory network underlying the floral transition in Arabidopsis. He combines modelling and quantitative image analysis. Gabriel also belongs to the Coupland group and is co-supervised by Prof. George Coupland.
Nicholas  Russell

Nicholas Russell

Nicholas is an Applied Mathematician who is studying how noisy and deterministic processes affect plant multicellular patterning. He combines mathematical modelling, microscopy and quantitative image analysis.

John Thampi

Master student
John is a visiting Master student from IISER-Pune (India), and he is combining quantitative image analysis and modelling to understand stem cell behaviour at the Arabidopsis shoot apical meristem during the floral transition. John is co-supervised by Prof. George Coupland.
Gauthier Weissbart

Gauthier Weissbart

IMPRS PhD Student
Gauthier is a Physicist studying how different cell types pattern the leaf epidermis in Arabidopsis. He combines mathematical modelling, microscopy and quantitative image analysis.
Pau Casanova-Ferrer

Pau Casanova-Ferrer

Visiting PhD student
Pau visited us to study the floral transition doing quantitative image analysis. We are still collaborating, and we hope he will join us again soon.
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