Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)

The Hitachi H-7650 transmission electron microscope enables high magnification and high resolution imaging at the subcellular level. [more]
High pressure freezing is the most powerful cryofixation method for thicker samples and can be realized at the MPIPZ with the Leica HPM100 high pressure freezing machine. [more]
After high pressure freezing, samples can be processed by freeze substitution with the help of the Leica EM AFS2 automatic freeze substitution system. [more]
For improved resin infiltration of chemically fixed or high pressure frozen and freeze substituted samples, an evaporation-controlled automated embedding and polymerization unit (EMS poly III) is available. [more]
At our Institute, two ultramicrotomes are available for ultrathin sectioning of resin-embedded samples. [more]
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