Hitachi H-7650 TEM

The Hitachi H-7650 transmission electron microscope enables high magnification and high resolution imaging at the subcellular level. It can be used in bright field imaging, dark field imaging and selected area diffraction mode. It is fitted with a motorized, side entry eucentric goniometer stage allowing for electron tomography, a versatile method for obtaining 3D reconstructions from tilt series of images.

  • Maximum resolution: 0.36 nm point-to-point
  • Magnification range:
    • 50x - 1,000x in low-mag mode
    • 200x - 200,000x in HC mode
    • 3,000x - 600,000x in HR mode
  • Acceleration voltage: 40 kV - 120 kV
  • Camera: AMT XR-41 (4 megapixel), bottom-mounted
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