Arriving with your family

Benefits for your family and child care information

If you are planning to come with your family, Germany offers some benefits for families and different types of childcare and schools.

Benefits for families

You are entitled to receive child allowance (Kindergeld), if:

  • you are an EU-Citizen or Swiss
  • you come from Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Morocco, Montenegro, Serbia, Tunisia and Turkey and are contractually employed
  • you are from any other country and have been granted an unlimited residence permit.

The child allowance is paid monthly by the government. You should ask the International Officer to check, if you are entitled to receive this allowance. The amount of the child allowance is approximately 219€ per child. The application of the child allowance is made at the correspondent local government office after your arrival. after arrival to the correspondent local government office.


German childcare and education system offer a broad variety of services. If your family accompanies you for your postdoctoral stay at MPIPZ, it is important to understand the childcare system and its application times. If your children are under 6 year of age, they can use childcare facilities. Above 6 years, all children must go to school. Places for childcare facilities are quickly taken, so we encourage you to carefully read the information about childcare and apply as soon as possible.

There are two types of childcare: childminders and day-care centers.

Childminders (Tagesmütter or Tagesväter) take care of children under 3 year. They usually take care of small groups (3-5) at their private home or in destinated spaces. Childcare scheduled throughout the year will depend on the vacation and days-off of the childminder assigned to your child. The fees are based on your income.

Places and more information can be found here:

MPIPZ offers childcare on-site for employee’s children under 3 years. Please check here for more information:

Day care centers provide services for children from a variable age (depending on the day care) until 6 years. As soon as your child turns three years, the city must secure a place for your child; below that age it depends on your personal demand. The course starts around September, but the application time usually opens in spring. It is strongly recommended to apply for a place early enough. For more information, please check here:

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