Information for new postdocs

Planning your research stay at MPIPZ

Starting a new position in a different institution and, sometimes, in a different country needs planning. In this section, we provide you with useful information to smooth your change and make it less stressful. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the r or for specific questions about visa, residence permit and city registration, please contact the

Check list of things you should plan and do before and after arriving.

Things to do

Before arriving:

Upon arrival:


What do I have to bring with me for entry into Germany?

  • Passport or identity card (EU) valid for the entire period of residence
  • A visa if required, including for accompanying family members
  • Several biometric passport photos
  • Birth certificate (original)
  • Marriage certificate (original)
  • PhD certificate
  • Records of your previous experience as a postdoc
  • Insurance documents, if available: third party insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, car insurance (please check in advance that it is valid in Germany)
  • Evidence that your insurance cover also includes Germany when applied
  • Any medication required; letter from your doctor regarding existing conditions; vaccination certificate
  • Driving licence
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