Finding accommodation in Cologne can be tedious and take a long time. To alleviate this, you can also have the possibility to book our guest houses for a limited time.

Flat hunt and costs of accommodation

Flats become more affordable in the periphery and the map below shows average prices per m² (in 2020) for selected neighbourhoods close to the MPIPZ.

As many other postdocs and PhD students are on temporary basis, tell a contact point, whether the assistant of your department or the postdoc-coordinator, that you are looking for an apartment, they can inform you upon available flat after staff move out.

Here is a list of useful links for your search in the internet:                                                                               


Note: in adverts, 3 rooms apartment means 2 bedrooms and 1 living room.

Once you have found an apartment of interest, you should call the contact person immediately to make, if possible, an appointment. Most landlords will ask you how long you intend to stay in Germany and what guarantees you can provide for monthly rent. The personnel department can give you a confirmation letter which best serves as guarantee for your prospective landlord.

For your new flat, please be prepared to pay 2–3 monthly rents as a deposit, i.e. when you move in you will have to pay this deposit plus the first rent. It is usual to pay a deposit to cover any repairs for damage in the apartment caused by the tenant when he/she leaves. This sum is deposited in a special savings account. Arrange this together with the landlord or obtain a receipt for the savings account. When you leave, the deposit will be returned to you with interest. However, any costs for repairs or renovation will be deducted. The exact rules and regulations on this should be included in the rental contract which you will receive for signature from the agent or landlord. You can also expect that the apartment has no furniture in the kitchen, so please also budget this cost.

Please do not transfer money before you have received a key, met the landlord or signed a contract.

Generally, within the rent the water supply is included; electricity and gas supply need to be contracted separately after moving in. You can compare different companies and rates here.

Guest House

For your first days in Germany you may also ask to rent an MPIPZ apartment or guest room for a maximum of 6 months. Please contact for booking. In certain months (e.g. September/ October) the demand is quite high, so please contact us well in advance. Prices vary according to the length of stay.

Length of your stay

Single room

Double room



1 night

25 EUR

35 EUR

40 EUR

65 EUR

> 3 nights

22 EUR

30 EUR

35 EUR

55 EUR

> 1 week

20 EUR

25 EUR

30 EUR

50 EUR


If you stay in an MPIPZ guest room, the key for your room is deposited at the Institute’s front gate, unless you have made different arrangements with your contact person.

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