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So-called "coil-coil domain" drives cells to programmed cell death [more]
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When it comes to pollen formation, seed plants go for overproduction [more]
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The fungal pathogen has only those genes left that are necessary for its parasitical existence [more]
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Mildew-resistant and infertile

November 24, 2010
Two proteins involved in powdery mildew infection in plants also play an important role in fertilisation [more]
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Crossbreeding can result in incompatible gene combinations [more]
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Barley genes against drought

November 08, 2010
With many regions of the world becoming more arid as a result of the climate change, the crop yield also decreases. New types of crops should therefore be more resistant to aridity. [more]
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New insights into the function of microRNAs in plants: abolishing a microRNA converts petals to stamens [more]
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Max Planck researchers develop another tool for making the interactions between proteins visible [more]
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The Secret Love Life of Plants

December 08, 2005
Researchers in Cologne discover signals between plant embryos and their endosperm [more]
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Max Planck researchers in Cologne, Germany demonstrate that a multi-step defence system underlies the durable resistance of plants to fungal parasites [more]
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Take Two!

October 20, 2005
Max Planck researchers in Cologne have discovered how protein kinases in plants regulate adaptation to changing light conditions [more]
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Imported Fitness

August 19, 2004
Max Planck Researcher in Cologne, Germany, unravel mechanism of resistance to fungal infection in Barley [more]
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Max Planck scientists have discovered how plants initiate the formation of flowers depending on the length of day and time of year [more]
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