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    Hagemann, M.; Gaertner, K.; Scharnagl, M.; Bolay, P.; Lott, S. C.; Fuß, J.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Klaehn, S.; Hess, W. R.: Identification of the DNA methyltransferases establishing the methylome of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp PCC 6803. DNA RESEARCH 25 (4), pp. 343 - 352 (2018)
  2. Journal Article
    Wenzel, A.; Altmueller, J.; Ekici, A. B.; Popp, B.; Stueber, K.; Thiele, H.; Pannes, A.; Staubach, S.; Salido, E.; Nuernberg, P. et al.; Reinhardt, R.; Reis, A.; Rump, P.; Hanisch, F.-G.; Wolf, M. T. F.; Wiesener, M.; Huettel, B.; Beck, B. B.: Single molecule real time sequencing in ADTKD-MUC1 allows complete assembly of the VNTR and exact positioning of causative mutations. Scientific Reports 8 (2018)
  3. Journal Article
    Chao, Y.; Li, L.; Girodat, D.; Foerstner, K. U.; Said, N.; Corcoran, C.; Smiga, M.; Papenfort, K.; Reinhardt, R.; Wieden, H.-J. et al.; Luisi, B. F.; Vogel, J.: In Vivo Cleavage Map Illuminates the Central Role of RNase E in Coding and Non-coding RNA Pathways. Molecular Cell 65 (1), pp. 39 - 51 (2017)
  4. Journal Article
    Jiao, W.-B.; Garcia Accinelli, G.; Hartwig, B.; Kiefer, C.; Baker, D.; Severing, E.; Willing, E.-M.; Piednoel, M.; Woetzel, S.; Madrid-Herrero, E. et al.; Huettel, B.; Huemann, U.; Reinhardt, R.; Koch, M. A.; Swan, D.; Clavijo, B.; Coupland, G.; Schneeberger, K.: Improving and correcting the contiguity of long-read genome assemblies of three plant species using optical mapping and chromosome conformation capture data. Genome Research 27 (5), pp. 778 - 786 (2017)
  5. Journal Article
    Metge, F.; Czaja-Hasse, L.; Reinhardt, R.; Dieterich, C.: FUCHS - towards full circular RNA characterization using RNAseq. PeerJ 5 (2017)
  6. Journal Article
    Oral, M.; Colleter, J.; Bekaert, M.; Taggart, J. B.; Palaiokostas, C.; McAndrew, B. J.; Vandeputte, M.; Chatain, B.; Kuhl, H.; Reinhardt, R. et al.; Peruzzi, S.; Penman, D. J.: Gene-centromere mapping in meiotic gynogenetic European seabass. BMC Genomics 18 (2017)
  7. Journal Article
    Rast, P.; Gloeckner, I.; Boedeker, C.; Jeske, O.; Wiegand, S.; Reinhardt, R.; Schumann, P.; Rohde, M.; Spring, S.; Gloeckner, F. O. et al.; Jogler, C.; Jogler, M.: Three Novel Species with Peptidoglycan Cell Walls form the New Genus Lacunisphaera gen. nov in the Family Opitutaceae of the Verrucomicrobial Subdivision 4. Frontiers in Microbiology 8 (2017)
  8. Journal Article
    Schiessl, S.; Huettel, B.; Kuehn, D.; Reinhardt, R.; Snowdon, R. J.: Targeted deep sequencing of flowering regulators in Brassica napus reveals extensive copy number variation. Scientific Data 4 (2017)
  9. Journal Article
    Schiessl, S.; Huettel, B.; Kuehn, D.; Reinhardt, R.; Snowdon, R.: Post-polyploidisation morphotype diversification associates with gene copy number variation. Scientific Reports 7 (2017)
  10. Journal Article
    Schiessl, S. V.; Huettel, B.; Kuehn, D.; Reinhardt, R.; Snowdon, R. J.: Flowering Time Gene Variation in Brassica Species Shows Evolutionary Principles. Frontiers in Plant Science 8 (2017)
  11. Journal Article
    Alles, J.; Menegatti, J.; Motsch, N.; Hart, M.; Reinhardt, R.; Eichner, N.; Meister, G.; Grässer, F. A.: miRNA expression profiling of Epstein-Barr virus-associated NKTL cell lines by Illumina deep sequencing. Febs Open Bio 6 (2016)
  12. Journal Article
    Alves, R. N.; Gomes, A. S.; Stueber, K.; Tine, M.; Thorne, M. A. S.; Smaradottir, H.; Reinhardt, R.; Clark, M. S.; Ronnestad, I.; Power, D. M.: The transcriptome of metamorphosing flatfish. BMC Genomics 17 (2016)
  13. Journal Article
    Blättner, S.; Das, S.; Paprotka, K.; Eilers, U.; Krischke, M.; Kretschmer, D.; Remmele, C.W.; Dittrich, M.; Müller, T.; Schuelein-Voelk, C. et al.; Hertlein, T.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Ohlsen, K.; Rudel, T.; Fraunholz, M.J.: Staphylococcus aureus Exploits a Non-ribosomal Cyclic Dipeptide to Modulate Survival within Epithelial Cells and Phagocytes. PLoS Pathogens 12 (2016)
  14. Journal Article
    Cartolano, M.; Huettel, B.; Hartwig, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Schneeberger, K.: cDNA Library Enrichment of Full Length Transcripts for SMRT Long Read Sequencing. PLoS One 11 (6), e0157779 (2016)
  15. Journal Article
    Das, S.; Lindemann, C.; Young, B.C.; Muller, J.; Österreich, B.; Ternette, N.; Winkler, A.-C.; Paprotka, K.; Reinhardt, R.; Förstner, K.U. et al.; Allen, E.; Flaxman, A.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Rollier, C.S.; Diemen, P.V.; Blättner, S.; Remmele, C.W.; Selle, M.; Dittrich, M.; Müller, T.; Vogel, J.; Ohlsen, K.; Crook, D.W.; Massey, R.; Wilson, D.J.; Rudel, T.; Wyllie, D.H.; Fraunholz, M.J.: Natural mutations in a Staphylococcus aureus virulence regulator attenuate cytotoxicity but permit bacteremia and abscess formation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113 (22), pp. E3101 - E3110 (2016)
  16. Journal Article
    Dörries, M.; Wöhlbrand, L.; Kube, M.; Reinhardt, R.; Rabus, R.: Genome and catabolic subproteomes of the marine, nutritionally versatile, sulfate-reducing bacterium Desulfococcus multivorans DSM 2059. BMC Genomics 19 (2016)
  17. Journal Article
    Dugar, G.; Svensson, S. L.; Bischler, T.; Waeldchen, S.; Reinhardt, R.; Sauer, M.; Sharma, C. M.: The CsrA-FliW network controls polar localization of the dual-function flagellin mRNA in Campylobacter jejuni. Nature Communications 7 (2016)
  18. Journal Article
    Forat, S.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Fimmers, R.; Haidl, G.; Denschlag, D.; Olek, K.: Methylation Markers for the Identification of Body Fluids and Tissues from Forensic Trace Evidence. PLoS One 11 (2) (2016)
  19. Journal Article
    Hoenicka, H.; Lehnhardt, D.; Nunna, S.; Reinhardt, R.; Jeltsch, A.; Briones, V.; Fladung, M.: Level of tissue differentiation influences the activation of a heat-inducible flower-specific system for genetic containment in poplar (Populus tremula L.). Plant Cell Reports 35, pp. 369 - 384 (2016)
  20. Journal Article
    Holmqvist, E.; Wright, P. R.; Li, L.; Bischler, T.; Barquist, L.; Reinhardt, R.; Backofen, R.; Vogel, J.: Global RNA recognition patterns of post-transcriptional regulators Hfq and CsrA revealed by UV crosslinking in vivo. EMBO Journal 35 (9), pp. 991 - 1011 (2016)
  21. Journal Article
    Jakobi, T.; Czaja-Hasse, L.; Reinhardt, R.; Dieterich, C.: Profiling and Validation of the Circular RNA Repertoire in Adult Murine Hearts. Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics 14 (2016)
  22. Journal Article
    Kungulovski, G.; Mauser, R.; Reinhardt, R.; Jeltsch, A.: Application of recombinant TAF3 PHD domain instead of anti-H3K4me3 antibody. Epigenetics & Chromatin 9 (2016)
  23. Journal Article
    Louro, B.; Kuhl, H.; Tine, M.; de Koning, D.-J.; Batargias, C.; Volckaert, F. A. M.; Reinhardt, R.; Canario, A.V.M.; Power, D.M.: Characterization and refinement of growth related quantitative trait loci in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) using a comparative approach. Aquaculture 455, pp. 8 - 21 (2016)
  24. Journal Article
    Smirnov, A.; Foerstner, K. U.; Holmqvist, E.; Otto, A.; Guenster, R.; Becher, D.; Reinhardt, R.; Vogel, J.: Grad-seq guides the discovery of ProQ as a major small RNA-binding protein. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 113 (41), pp. 11591 - 11596 (2016)
  25. Journal Article
    Wasmund, K.; Cooper, M.; Schreiber, L.; Lloyd, K.G.; Baker, B.J.; Petersen, D.G.; Jørgensen, B.B.; Stepanauskas, R.; Reinhardt, R.; Schramm, A. et al.; Loy, A.; Adrian, L.: Single-Cell Genome and Group-Specific dsrAB Sequencing Implicate Marine Members of the Class Dehalococcoidia (Phylum Chloroflexi) in Sulfur Cycling. mBio (2016)
  26. Journal Article
    Westermann, A. J.; Foerstner, K. U.; Amman, F.; Barquist, L.; Chao, Y.; Schulte, L. N.; Mueller, L.; Reinhardt, R.; Stadler, P. F.; Vogel, J.: Dual RNA-seq unveils noncoding RNA functions in host-pathogen interactions. Nature 529 (7587), pp. 496 - + (2016)
  27. Journal Article
    Frey, F. P.; Urbany, C.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Stich, B.: Genome-wide expression profiling and phenotypic evaluation of European maize inbreds at seedling stage in response to heat stress. BMC Genomics 16 (2015)
  28. Journal Article
    Burmeister, T.; Bartels, G.; Groeger, D.; Trautmann, H.; Schwartz, S.; Lenz, K.; Tietze-Buerger, C.; Viardot, A.; Waesch, R.; Horst, H.-A. et al.; Reinhardt, R.; Goekbuget, N.; Hoelzer, D.; Kneba, M.; Brueggemann, M.: Single Nucleotide PolymorPhisms in IKZF1, ARID5B and CEBPE are a Risk Factor for the Development of Adult ALL. CLINICAL LYMPHOMA MYELOMA & LEUKEMIA 14, p. S114 - S114 (2014)
  29. Journal Article
    Burmeister, T.; Bartels, G.; Groeger, D.; Trautmann, H.; Schwartz, S.; Lenz, K.; Tietze-Buerger, C.; Viardot, A.; Waesch, R.; Horst, H.-A. et al.; Reinhardt, R.; Goekbuget, N.; Hoelzer, D.; Kneba, M.; Brueggemann, M.: Germline variants in IKZF1, ARID5B, and CEBPE as risk factors for adult- onset acute lymphoblastic leukemia: an analysis from the GMALL study group. HAEMATOLOGICA 99 (2), pp. E23 - E25 (2014)
  30. Journal Article
    Dohm, J. C.; Minoche, A. E.; Holtgraewe, D.; Capella-Gutierrez, S.; Zakrzewski, F.; Tafer, H.; Rupp, O.; Rossleff Soerensen, T.; Stracke, R.; Reinhardt, R. et al.; Goesmann, A.; Kraft, T.; Schulz, B.; Stadler, P. F.; Schmidt, T.; Gabaldon, T.; Lehrach, H.; Weisshaar, B.; Himmelbauer, H.: The genome of the recently domesticated crop plant sugar beet (Beta vulgaris). NATURE 505 (7484), pp. 546 - + (2014)
  31. Journal Article
    Emperle, M.; Rajavelu, A.; Reinhardt, R.; Jurkowska, R. Z.; Jeltsch, A.: Cooperative DNA Binding and Protein/DNA Fiber Formation Increases the Activity of the Dnmt3a DNA Methyltransferase. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (43), pp. 29602 - 29613 (2014)
  32. Journal Article
    Gomes, A. S.; Alves, R. N.; Stueber, K.; Thorne, M. A. S.; Smaradottir, H.; Reinhardt, R.; Clark, M. S.; Ronnestad, I.; Power, D. M.: Transcriptome of the Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus). MARINE GENOMICS 18, pp. 101 - 103 (2014)
  33. Journal Article
    Kopf, M.; Klähn, S.; Voss, B.; Stüber, K.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Hess, W. R.: Finished Genome Sequence of the Unicellular Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. Strain PCC 6714. Genome Announcements 2 (4) (2014)
  34. Journal Article
    Kube, M.; Siewert, C.; Migdoll, A. M.; Duduk, B.; Holz, S.; Rabus, R.; Seemueller, E.; Mitrovic, J.; Mueller, I.; Buettner, C. et al.; Reinhardt, R.: Analysis of the Complete Genomes of Acholeplasma brassicae, A. palmae and A. laidlawii and Their Comparison to the Obligate Parasites from 'Candidatus Phytoplasma'. Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology 24 (1), pp. 19 - 36 (2014)
  35. Journal Article
    Kungulovski, G.; Kycia, I.; Tamas, R.; Jurkowska, R. Z.; Kudithipudi, S.; Henry, C.; Reinhardt, R.; Labhart, P.; Jeltsch, A.: Application of histone modification-specific interaction domains as an alternative to antibodies. Genome Research 24 (11), pp. 1842 - 1853 (2014)
  36. Journal Article
    Loehrer, M.; Vogel, A.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Benes, V.; Duplessis, S.; Usadel, B.; Schaffrath, U.: On the current status of Phakopsora pachyrhizi genome sequencing. Frontiers in Plant Science 5 (2014)
  37. Journal Article
    Nunna, S.; Reinhardt, R.; Ragozin, S.; Jeltsch, A.: Targeted Methylation of the Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule (EpCAM) Promoter to Silence Its Expression in Ovarian Cancer Cells. PLoS One 9 (1) (2014)
  38. Journal Article
    Petasch, J.; Disch, E.-M.; Markert, S.; Becher, D.; Schweder, T.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Harder, J.: The oxygen-independent metabolism of cyclic monoterpenes in Castellaniella defragrans 65Phen. BMC Microbiology 14 (2014)
  39. Journal Article
    Remmele, C. W.; Xian, Y.; Albrecht, M.; Faulstich, M.; Fraunholz, M.; Heinrichs, E.; Dittrich, M. T.; Müller, T.; Reinhardt, R.; Rudel, T.: Transcriptional landscape and essential genes of Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Nucleic Acids Research 42 (16), pp. 10579 - 10595 (2014)
  40. Journal Article
    Shanmugam, R.; Aklujkar, M.; Schaefer, M.; Reinhardt, R.; Nickel, O.; Reuter, G.; Lovley, D. R.; Ehrenhofer-Murray, A.; Nelle, W.; Ankri, S. et al.; Helm, M.; Jurkowski, T. P.; Jeltsch, A.: The Dnmt2 RNA methyltransferase homolog of Geobacter sulfurreducens specifically methylates tRNA-Glu. Nucleic Acids Research (London) 42 (10), pp. 6487 - 6496 (2014)
  41. Journal Article
    Siewert, C.; Hess, W. R.; Duduk, B.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Buettner, C.; Kube, M.: Complete genome determination and analysis of Acholeplasma oculi strain 19L, highlighting the loss of basic genetic features in the Acholeplasmataceae. BMC Genomics 15 (2014)
  42. Journal Article
    Strijkstra, A.; Trautwein, K.; Jarling, R.; Woehlbrand, L.; Doerries, M.; Reinhardt, R.; Drozdowska, M.; Golding, B. T.; Wilkes, H.; Rabus, R.: Anaerobic Activation of p-Cymene in Denitrifying Betaproteobacteria: Methyl Group Hydroxylation versus Addition to Fumarate. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 80 (24), pp. 7592 - 7603 (2014)
  43. Journal Article
    Tine, M.; Kuhl, H.; Gagnaire, P.-A.; Louro, B.; Desmarais, E.; Martins, R. S. T.; Hecht, J.; Knaust, F.; Belkhir, K.; Klages, S. et al.; Dieterich, R.; Stueber, K.; Piferrer, F.; Guinand, B.; Bierne, N.; Volckaert, F. A. M.; Bargelloni, L.; Power, D. M.; Bonhomme, F.; Canario, A. V. M.; Reinhardt, R.: \European sea bass genome and its variation provide insights into adaptation to euryhalinity and speciation. Nature Communications 5 (2014)
  44. Journal Article
    Wasmund, K.; Algora, C.; Müller, J.; Krüger, M.; Lloyd, K.G.; Reinhardt, R.; Adrian, L.: Development and application of primers for the class Dehalococcoidia (phylum Chloroflexi) enables deep insights into diversity and stratification of subgroups in the marine subsurface. Environmental Microbiology (2014)
  45. Journal Article
    Acevedo Garcia, J.; Collins, N. C.; Ahmadinejad, N.; Ma, L.; Houben, A.; Bednarek, P.; Benjdia, M.; Freialdenhoven, A.; Altmueller, J.; Nuernberg, P. et al.; Reinhardt, R.; Schulze-Lefert, P.; Panstruga, R.: Fine mapping and chromosome walking towards the Ror1 locus in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). Theoretical and Applied Genetics 126 (12), pp. 2969 - 2982 (2013)
  46. Journal Article
    Dugar, G.; Herbig, A.; Förstner, K. U.; Heidrich, N.; Reinhardt, R.; Nieselt, K.; Sharma, C.: High-Resolution Transcriptome Maps Reveal Strain-Specific Regulatory Features of Multiple Campylobacter jejuni Isolates. PLoS Genetics 9 (5) (2013)
  47. Journal Article
    Mann, A. J.; Hahnke, R. L.; Huang, S.; Werner, J.; Xing, P.; Barbeyon, T.; Huettel, B.; Stüber, K.; Reinhardt, R.: The Genome of the Alga-Associated Marine Flavobacterium Formosa agariphila KMM 3901T Reveals a Broad Potential for Degradation of Algal Polysaccharides. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 79, pp. 6813 - 6822 (2013)
  48. Journal Article
    Meharg, C.; Khan, B.; Norton, G.; Deacon, C.; Johnson, D.; Reinhardt, R.; Huettel, B.; Meharg, A. A.: Trait-directed de novo population transcriptome dissects genetic regulation of a balanced polymorphism in phosphorus nutrition/arsenate tolerance in a wild grass, Holcus lanatus. New Phytologist 201, pp. 144 - 1554 (2013)
  49. Journal Article
    Urbany, C.; Benke, A.; Marsian, J.; Huettel, B.; Reinhardt, R.; Stich, B.: Ups and downs of a transcriptional landscape shape iron deficiency associated chlorosis of the maize inbreds B73 and Mo17. BMC Plant Biology 13 (2013)
  50. Journal Article
    Vieira, F. A.; Thorne , M. A. S.; Stüber, K.; Darias, M.; Reinhardt, R.; Clark, M. S.; Gisbert, E.; Power, D. M.: Comparative analysis of a teleost skeleton transcriptome provides insight into its regulation. General and Comparative Endocrinology 191, pp. 45 - 58 (2013)
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