Modelling cellular patterning dynamics in the leaf epidermis

During the development of plant organs, equivalent cells become differentiated to produce patterns of different cell types that form tissues. This project investigates how cellular patterning emerges from the interplay of signalling and growth in plant developing tissues, using mathematical modelling and computer simulations. We will use the leaf epidermis as a model system, and aim to understand how the combination of patterns of stomata, trichomes and giant cells arise in the same tissue. This PhD position would suit students with a quantitative background such as Physics, Maths, Engineering, Computer Science, Systems Biology, Quantitative Biology or similar disciplines. Some previous experience in computer programming is desired. The PhD student will also have the opportunity to thrive in a multidisciplinary group and develop additional skills, such as quantitative image analysis and confocal microscopy.

The project will be supervised by Pau Formosa-Jordan at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research.

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