MPG Partner Group Adam Runions

Adam Runions’ group is part of the Graphics Cluster in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary.

Dr. Runions was awarded a 5-year MPG Partner Group status in 2022 to conduct collaborative work on computational analysis of leaf development with Miltos Tsiantis.

The group investigates interdisciplinary problems at the intersection of computer science and developmental biology, to explore the self-organization of natural forms and patterns. Their work focuses on computational modeling and analysis of plant form and development at different levels of organization, from cells and organs to entire plants. It also serves as a bridge for the transfer of ideas with other fields (such as computer graphics and animation). 

The modeling and analysis of biological forms draws on techniques from geometric modeling, physically-based simulation and computer-aided design, and the team pursues the development and application of relevant techniques in this area. 

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