MPIPZ Interdepartmental seminars

Fostering collaboration among researchers

Every month, PhD students and postdoc at MPIPZ meet at the MPIPZ Interdepartmental seminars (MIRS). At these meetings, PhD students and postdocs have the opportunity to exchange their scientific ideas and projects among different departments, train important skills for their careers, and talk about their daily research life.

Send an email to and get a slot to present at the meeting, if you are a PhD student or postdoc who wants to:

  • Share and get ideas on your current or future projects
  • Show to other your expertise in some technique or process
  • Let the others know your past research projects
  • Practice and get constructive feedback on your internal departmental talk, interview chalk-talk, thesis defense or conference talk
  • Practice your outreach skills to show an impactful story to society
  • Share your favorite scientific paper that connect to your work

After presentations, there are activities organized to network, increase creativity, build community and have fun!

MIRS is happening thanks to the MIRS Organizer:

Nicholas Russell


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