Advancing your career at MPIPZ

Since January 2019, postdocs at the MPIPZ benefit from a new career development programme, which aims to aid postdocs to pursue their career plan. The programme is based on four key areas of support:

Career Development Dialogues.

Postdoctoral career development dialogues are a formalized opportunity for postdocs to articulate a career plan and to receive feedback on it. These meetings aim to focus and empower MPIPZ postdocs in their careers, and to foster communication between postdocs and group leaders.

More detailed information about postdoctoral career development dialogues can be found on the Intranet.


The aim of the MPIPZ and MPG training programme is to encourage individual development in the context of long-term career goals. Training is designed to support the multi-step acquisition of key competencies at different stages of the postdoctoral period.

Early-career postdocs need to acquire competencies to gain early independence, establish themselves internationally in their respective fields of research, and present their research results. The training programme provides support in terms of research and technical knowledge, professional presentations at international conferences, and successfully getting to grips with the peer-review process.

During the advanced postdoctoral phase, the focus changes towards the development of leadership and management skills and preparing for the next professional step, which involves acquiring third-party funding, preparing for appointment procedures, and developing leadership and conflict management skills.

During the whole postdoctoral appointment, postdocs should learn to develop professionalism, networking, and career management competencies, in order to pursue a successful academic or non-academic career. Training is offered in the identification and awareness of future career prospects and progression, the preparation of skill profiles, and the acquisition of practical situational knowledge of selection procedures.

Career counselling and coaching.

Postdocs at the MPIPZ can benefit from counselling onsite. In individual sessions, postdocs can receive information on different careers to aid the career decision-making process and career planning. Self-assessment tools and application-building services are also provided. Postdocs can also benefit from a centrally funded voluntary coaching programme. This programme helps postdocs to become aware of their weaknesses, strengths and competencies, and to decide on a career path that optimises the balance between their individual skills and predispositions in terms of their broader life goals.

Networking and Mentoring.

Postdocs at the MPIPZ can benefit from career events and career talks to connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds. An alumni database is maintained, to foster networking and mentoring opportunities.

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