Postdoc Initiative MPIPZ (PIM)

Introducing PIM

The Postdoc Initiative at the MPIPZ (PIM) takes the interests of the 80-odd postdocs of our institute at heart. Being organized by postdocs for postdocs, PIM’s mission is to provide activities that are specifically geared to the professional advancement of postdocs.

The PIM committee meets once a month. You are more than welcome to join – if you are a postdoc, that is. Our meetings are announced by emails to all postdocs.

What we offer

We organise courses and workshops, both scientific (e.g. bioinformatics, metabolic and gene expression profiling) and extra-scientific (e.g. scientific writing, job interviewing, project management), in order to develop skills that are needed for your current work as well as your future career.

 As part of a regular career perspective seminar series, we are inviting scientists working in different fields. For example a science editor, a company researcher, and a scientist-turned-patent-lawyer could visit us to tell us about their career and their profession.

 The postdocs get the chance to invite external speakers for the institute’s weekly seminar series. Each year, every department gets the chance to invite at least one speaker. The postdocs get to decide whom to invite, through consultation by the department’s PIM representatives.

 We need your input

In order for us to be able to most optimally cater to your needs, we need input from you, the postdocs. Do you know of a particular course that you would be interested in? Do you know a scientist that we could invite to tell us about his/her career path, or would you like to invite somebody from a particular profession? Please don’t hesitate to share your suggestions with us. Write an email to: pim[a]

 How to stay informed

Much more is planned, and we will keep you informed via this website as well as the postdoc mailing list. The postdoc mailing list is the most important communication channel through which the PIM will communicate to the postdocs, and announce upcoming courses, job offers, etc. If you are a postdoc and not signed up yet, please do so under the following  link. Don’t forget to reply to the message that you will receive after subscribing, since only then you will be actually signed up!

But the easiest way to get informed is to talk to your postdoc colleagues and contact the PIM coordinators


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