Since 2018, the MPIPZ has advanced its commitment to support early-career researchers following the establishment of a postdoctoral office.

Since 2019, all MPIPZ postdocs participate in a career development programme, which aims to facilitate success in their careers. More information about the programme can be found on these pages.

The MPIPZ Postdoctoral Office works closely with the postdoctoral community through its representatives, members of the Postdoc Initiative of the MPIPZ (PIM), to enhance postdoctoral careers at the MPIPZ, provide information for postdocs, and organise training and community-building activities.

The MPIPZ Postdoctoral Office together with the PhD Office and Gender Equality Office form the Equal Opportunities and Career Net. This net will assist any issues relating to the careers of PhD students and postdocs or equal opportunities.

Who are MPIPZ Postdocs?

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