Since 2018, MPIPZ has advanced his commitment to support early career researchers and set grounds to create a postdoctoral office.

Since 2019, all MPIPZ postdocs take part of a Career Development Program. This program aims to support them success in their careers. You can have more information of this program here.

MPIPZ Postdoctoral Office works closely with postdoctoral community through his representatives, the Postdoc Initiative Members (PIM), enhancing the postdoctoral career at MPIPZ, improving the information for postdocs, and organizing training and community building activities.

MPIPZ Postdoctoral Office, together with PhD Office and Gender Equality Office form the Equal Opportunities and Career Net. This net will assist any issue related to PhD student and postdoc careers or equal opportunities.

Who are MPIPZ Postdocs?

Number and gender of current MPIPZ postdocs. Last update Sept 2020

Our postdocs are from 21 different nationalities, coming from different parts around the world.

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