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Enhancing leaf shape diversity

Enhancing leaf shape diversity

November 16, 2016
A small piece of DNA with a large effect on leaf shape [more]
Not without my microbiome

Not without my microbiome

November 14, 2016
Legume-rhizobia symbiosis influences bacterial community in plant roots [more]
Bittercress genome

Bittercress genome

October 31, 2016
A high-quality genome sequence helps pinpoint the genetic basis for trait diversity.  [more]
Exploding myths about seed dispersal
Scientists discover how a common garden weed expels its seeds at record speeds. [more]
Flowering at the right time
The success of plant and animal species depends on producing as many offspring as possible. [more]
When foes become friends
A few modifications in the genome turn a fungal plant pathogen into a potentially beneficial organism [more]
The Art of Being Connected in the Microbial World
Similar to the skin of humans millions of microbes are living on the surface of a leaf influencing the health and fitness of the plant. [more]

Make Peace not War

December 18, 2015
“The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend”. Abraham Lincoln’s political wisdom can also be transferred to evolution as illustrated by many examples of mutually beneficial interactions or even symbioses between species that started out as deadly adversaries. [more]
Toolkit for microbiota research
Researchers cultivate the majority of bacteria in the laboratory that colonize Arabidopsis plants in nature [more]
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Pleiotropy influences the genes shaping leaf diversity [more]
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Wild and domesticated varieties of tomato have a different circadian rhythm [more]
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Variation in leaf shapes within a plant species is caused by differences in how fast plants develop [more]
Direct capture of a potent bacterial virulence activity by a plant immune receptor pair
In this article published in Cell, Le Roux et al. (2015), describe an exquisite recognition mechanism in the model plant species Arabidopsis. [more]
Exploring the maintenance and diversity of plant immunity genes in nature
A study published by Alcazar et al in PLoS Genetics provides some important leads to the evolution of the immune system in European populations of Arabidopsis thaliana and mechanisms underlying the maintenance of particular immunity-related genes or allelic forms in nature. [more]
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A small molecule inhibits jasmonic acid and helps to explain its effects [more]
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