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Wang, Y.; Strauß, S.; Liu, S.; Pieper, B.; Lymbouridou, R.; Runions, A.; Tsiantis, M.: The cellular basis for synergy between RCO and KNOX1 homeobox genes in leaf shape diversity. Current Biology 32 (17), pp. 3773 - 3784.e5 (2022)
Journal Article
Hajheidari, M.; Wang, Y.; Bhatia, N.; Vuolo, F.; Franco-Zorrilla, J. M.; Karady, M.; Mentink, R. A.; Wu, A.; Rilwan Oluwatobi, B. R.; Müller, B. et al.; Dello Ioio, R.; Laurent, S.; Ljung, K.; Huijser, P.; Gan, X.; Tsiantis, M.: Autoregulation of RCO by low-affinity binding modulates cytokinin action and shapes leaf diversity. Current Biology (2019)
Journal Article
Wang, Y.; Garrido-Oter, R.; Wu, J.; Winkelmueller, T. M.; Agler, M.T.; Colby, T.; Nobori, T.; Kemen, E.; Tsuda, K.: Site-specific cleavage of bacterial MucD by secreted proteases mediates antibacterial resistance in Arabidopsis. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 10, 2853 (2019)
Journal Article
Vuolo, F.; Kierzkowski, D.; Runions, A.; Hajheidari, M.; Mentink, R. A.; Das Gupta, M.; Zhang, Z.; Vlad, D.; Wang, Y.; Pecinka, A. et al.; Gan, X.; Hay, A.; Huijser, P.; Tsiantis, M.: LMI1 homeodomain protein regulates organ proportions by spatial modulation of endoreduplication. Genes and Development 32, pp. 1361 - 1366 (2018)
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