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Journal Article
Deremetz, A.; Le Roux, C.; Idir, Y.; Brousse, C.; Agorio, A.; Gy, I.; Parker, J. E.; Bouché, N.: Antagonistic actions of FPA and IBM2 regulate transcript processing from genes containing heterochromatin. Plant Physiology (2019)
Journal Article
Le Roux, C.; Huet, G.; Jauneau, A.; Camborde, L.; Tremousaygue, D.; Kraut, A.; Zhou, B.; Levaillant, M.; Adachi, H.; Yoshioka, H. et al.; Raffaele, S.; Berthome, R.; Coute, Y.; Parker, J. E.; Deslandes, L.: A Receptor Pair with an Integrated Decoy Converts Pathogen Disabling of Transcription Factors to Immunity. Cell 161 (5), pp. 1074 - 1088 (2015)
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