Publications of S. Riss

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Zhao, J.; Tian, Y.; Zhang, J.-S.; Zhao, M.; Gong, P.; Riss, S.; Saedler, R.; He, C.: The euAP1 Protein MPF3 Represses MPF2 to Specify Floral Calyx Identity and Displays Crucial Roles in Chinese Lantern Development in Physalis. The Plant Cell 25 (6), pp. 2002 - 2021 (2013)
Journal Article
Zhang, J.; Khan, M. R.; Tian, Y.; Li, Z.; Riss, S.; He, C.: Divergences of MPF2-like MADS-domain proteins have an association with the evolution of the inflated calyx syndrome within Solanaceae. Planta 236 (4), pp. 1247 - 1260 (2012)
Journal Article
He, C. Y.; Tian, Y.; Saedler, R.; Efremova, N.; Riss, S.; Khan, M. R.; Yephremov, A.; Saedler, H.: The MADS-domain protein MPF1 of Physalis floridana controls plant architecture, seed development and flowering time. Planta 231 (3), pp. 767 - 777 (2010)
Journal Article
Khan, M. R.; Hu, J. Y.; Riss, S.; He, C. Y.; Saedler, H.: MPF2-Like-A MADS-Box Genes Control the Inflated Calyx Syndrome in Withania (Solanaceae): Roles of Darwinian Selection. Mocular Biology and Evolution 26 (11), pp. 2463 - 2473 (2009)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Riss, S.: Isolation and analysis of MPF2-like MADS-box genes from Physaleae and characterization of their cis-regulatory regions. Dissertation, Universtiät zu Köln, Köln (2009)
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