Publications of K. Melkonian

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Journal Article
Matsumoto, A.; Schlueter, T.; Melkonian, K.; Takeda, A.; Nakagami, H.; Mine, A.: p A versatile Tn7 transposon-based bioluminescence tagging tool for quantitative and spatial detection of bacteria in plants. Plant Communications 3 (1), 100227 (2022)
Journal Article
Iwakawa, H.; Melkonian, K.; Schluter, T.; Jeon, H.-W.; Nishihama, R.; Motose, H.; Nakagami, H.: Agrobacterium-Mediated Transient Transformation of Marchantia Liverworts. Plant and Cell Physiology 62 (11), pp. 1718 - 1727 (2021)
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