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Journal Article
Rast-Somssich, M.; Broholm, S.; Jenkins, H.; Canales, C.; Vlad, D.; Kwantes, M.; Bilsborough, G.; Dello Ioio, R.; Ewing, R. M.; Laufs, P. et al.; Huijser, P.; Ohno, C.; Heisler, M. G.; Hay, A.; Tsiantis, M.: Alternate wiring of a KNOXI genetic network underlies differences in leaf development of A. thaliana and C. hirsuta. Genes and Development 29 (23), pp. 2391 - 2404 (2015)
Journal Article
Vlad, D.; Kierzkowski, D.; Rast, M. I.; Vuolo, F.; Dello Ioio, R.; Galinha, C.; Gan, X.; Hajheidari, M.; Hay, A.; Smith, R. S. et al.; Huijser, P.; Bailey, C. D.; Tsiantis, M.: Leaf Shape Evolution Through Duplication, Regulatory Diversification, and Loss of a Homeobox Gene. Science 343 (6172), pp. 780 - 783 (2014)
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