Publications of V. da Silveira Falavigna

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
da Silveira Falavigna, V.; Severing, E.; Lai, X.; Estevan, J.; Farrera, I.; Hugouvieux, V.; Revers, L. F.; Zubieta, C.; Coupland, G.; Costes, E. et al.; Andrés, F.: Unraveling the role of MADS transcription factor complexes in apple tree dormancy. New Phytologist 232 (5), pp. 2071 - 2088 (2021)
Journal Article
Cattani, A. M.; da Silveira Falavigna, V.; Silveira, C. P.; Buffon, V.; dos Santos Maraschin, F.; Pasquali, G.; Revers, L. F.: Type-B cytokinin response regulators link hormonal stimuli and molecular responses during the transition from endo- to ecodormancy in apple buds. Plant Cell Reports 39 (12), pp. 1687 - 1703 (2020)
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