Success for very first MPIPZ postdoc retreat

September 18, 2023

On September 13 to 14 our enthusiastic group of MPIPZ postdocs were heading off to the very first MPIPZ postdoc-retreat held at the Sport and Seminar Center Radevormwald.

With a great turnout of MPIPZ postdocs, the retreat featured a dynamic program encompassing a diverse range of presentations and engaging social activities.

The event provided a distinctive platform for postdoctoral researchers from all four departments within MPIPZ to interact across departmental boundaries, fostering the exchange of ideas and the exploration of innovative research pathways.

The retreat featured an array of presentation formats, including talks, poster sessions, and a panel discussion focused on ERC grant applications. The ERC panel, composed of four accomplished young group leaders from MPIPZ who had recently achieved ERC funding, shared their inspiring journeys in an engaging and motivating manner. This led to lively discussions that enhanced everyone's awareness of the essential elements required for a successful grant application.

Participants not only learned about the multifaceted research conducted at MPIPZ but also gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of building successful careers, particularly when it comes to securing an ERC grant.

Adding a touch of excitement to our retreat, the venue's bowling alley provided an active space for friendly competition and opportunities for postdocs to mingle and forge lasting connections. It was a fantastic and enjoyable experience that was thoroughly appreciated by all who participated.

We are very much looking forward to the next MPIPZ postdoc-retreat, confident that it will continue to serve as a catalyst for professional growth, and unforgettable memories.

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