Erin  Cullen

Erin Cullen

DFG Walter Benjamin postdoctoral fellow
Erin is from the U.K. and studies the genetics of explosive seed launch.
Aurélia Emonet

Aurélia Emonet

Swiss National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellow
Aurélia is from Switzerland and is studying how polar lignin deposition is regulated and how it evolved in Cardamine species.
Ryan Eng

Ryan Eng

Plant Morphodynamics FOR2581
Ryan is from Canada and studies the cell biology of explosive pod shatter.
Anny  Garcés Palacio

Anny Garcés Palacio

CEPLAS Master’s student
Anny is from Colombia. She is interested in plant Evo-Devo and is studying explosive seed launch in Cardamine hirsuta.
Ilsa  Schneider

Ilsa Schneider

IMPRS graduate student
Ilsa is from Germany and aims to identify polarity determinants of asymmetric lignin deposition in C. hirsuta fruit
Wolfram Faigl

Wolfram Faigl



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Lea Rambaud-Lavigne

Anahit Galstyan

Gaby Weber

Farnaz Faezi

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Hugo Hofhuis

Evangelos Kouklas

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