MPIPZ Postdoc receives Young Scientist Award

July 19, 2023

Erin Cullen, postdoc in the group of Angela Hay, has been awarded the ‘Young Scientist Award’ by the Society for Experimental Biology (SEB).

The prize was awarded during the young Scientist Award Session at the SEB Centenary conference in Edinburgh. The session provided an opportunity for postgraduates and post docs to showcase their talents and is designed to recognise the best young researcher.

The three finalists in the plant section were required to give a 20 minute presentation, and the talks were judged against a set of criteria by an anonymous panel.

The first prize of this award is donated with £400.

Erin presented her work on ‘explosive seed launch’ in cardamine hirsuta.

Dispersal in Cardamine hirsuta is explosive. This mechanism accelerates seeds as fast as ten metres per second and seeds are dispersed within a two metre radius of the parent plant. Within her project Erin investigates the genetic basis of explosive seed launch.

"It was a privilege to present our work in the YSAS Plant Section. To then go on to win the award was fantastic!"

Erin Cullen


Congratulations Erin!

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