Girls Day 2023 at MPIPZ

April 28, 2023

MPIPZ was hosting 10 female pupils on this years’ Girls’ Day, giving them an insight of the work and life of a plant scientist.

After a short introduction to the research conducted within our institute and the different training paths you can find in plant science, our guests had the opportunity to explore the world of a scientist through hands-on activities in the lab and greenhouse.

MPIPZ PhD-Students and postdocs showed our young visitors how to distinguish between wild type and mutant plants by exploring the phenotype and genotype. Our guests learned how to pipette and how to visualize DNA.

In a playful approach the girls identified various plant seeds, planted a sunflower themselves and had the opportunity to hear about the work of a gardener in a research institute.

A tour through our greenhouse with its high-end technology rounded up the programme.

Equipped with a well-deserved certificate and their own sunflower our little scientists went home with lots of new impressions and insights on plant science!

A fantastic day for everyone involved and a great opportunity to get girls excited about science.

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