Open showgarden and Mendel exhibition

September 30, 2022

Our MPIPZ show garden season ended with a full house. For the last time this year, the ‘NRW Gartenpforte’ invited visitors to discover the diversity of our show garden. Many visitors braved the wet weather conditions and wandered through our garden.

Wolfgang Schuchert inspired the interested audience with his knowledge of the history of various crops and explained the development of plant breeding - from Mendel to CRISPR-Cas.

Due to the redesign of our show garden and the presentation of all MPIPZ departments, the visitors gained many valuable insights into our research.

The garden visit was accompanied by a Mendel exhibition in the Science Barn to mark the 200th anniversary of Gregor Mendel.

Mendel published his rules on heredity over 150 years ago, shaping plant breeding; his findings are still relevant today.

In addition to Mendel's story, the exhibition told the story about the development of new methods in plant breeding research.

Lively discussions about genetic engineering and its application to plants characterised the visit of the Science Barn and inspired and stimulated to reflection likewise.

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