PhD Tree Alley planted at MPIPZ

October 04, 2021

On October 4 it was finally time to inaugurate the new PhD Tree Alley.

In recognition of the achievements of our PhD students at the MPIPZ and University Cologne the first trees were planted. An additional tree for every year of new students will follow in the future.

During a small ceremony, 4 different years of students helped planting their trees, highlighted with a wooden plaque for every tree. The alley goes along an open space within the walls of the institute along a paved path with gravel lawn.

The choosen trees were of wild forms of ornamental apples (Malus varieties) and wild pear (Prunis calleryana) which are of beautiful bright coloring leaves and fruits in autumn and ecologically valuable as bee nutrient woody plants and insect pasture. Thus, it fits perfectly into the concept and structure of our biotope at the MPIPZ.

The growing and seasonable changes of the trees will mirror the ever-changing lives and scientific careers of our students once leaving the programme in an almost poetic way.

A truly fantastic way to celebrate the achievements of our students in a long-lasting sustainable way.

“This was another fantastic opportunity to get to see and recognise our current PhD students and we hope that they will always feel welcomed to return as alumni – their tree will be waiting for them!”

Stephan Wagner, PhD Coordinator

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