Cisco Jabber Video for Telepresence 4.8.11 (english)

1. About the videoconferencing client

Cisco Jabber Video is a server based software client that allows you to do video conferencing from your desktop or laptop computer. The central servers are hosted and operated by the Rechenzentrum Garching for the MPG. Using this VC client, you can communicate with all standards based (SIP or H.323) VC systems such as those existing within the MPG. A MPG-wide infrastructure for all institutes and all standard based systems is established. This includes phonebooks for all central institutions as well as single institutes, in case of they have a sufficient number of VC systems / partners. Currently, there are about 1000+ users registered at the Jabber Video server.

2. Hardware requirements

You should have a broadband internet connection as well as a moderately new Windows or Mac computer in order to be able to use the VC client. The minimum requirements are: 2 GHz Dual Core CPU, 512 MB RAM, OpenGL 1.2 / DirectX 8.0 graphics adapter, Windows XP SP2 / Vista SP1 / Windows 7 / OSX 10.6. Your laptop may have an integrated camera, however for better video and audio quality, we recommend using an external webcam such as Microsoft LifeCam Cinema / Studio or Logitech C525 / C930. For good audio, it is advisable to use either a headset or small external PC speakers. The Jabber Video client has an integrated echo cancellation which suppresses the echo generated when using a loudspeaker, given that the volume is not turned up too high. Should the person you are calling still experience an echo, either use a headset or a microphone/speaker combination with integrated echo cancelling such as the Phoenix Audio Duet PCS or Jabra Speak.

3. Installation and setup of your client

You can download the Jabber Video client here:

Windows: File:JabberVideoSetup4.8.12 MPG.exe
Mac OSX: File:JabberVideo4.8.12 MPG.dmg

Userguide Windows (englisch): File:Cisco Jabber Video Win User Guide 4-8.pdf
Userguide Mac OSX (englisch): File:Cisco Jabber Video Mac User Guide 4-8.pdf

You can install the software on multiple devices with the same account. However, only one can be active at the same time.
For more detailed instructions on using the software, please refer to the user guide by Cisco.

4. Establishing a connection

Just enter part of the name of the person you wish to call into the search field and click the “start” button next to one of the search results.
Alternatively, if the person is not registered at our server, enter the full address such as: (SIP/H.323 URI) or 00498921082703 (H.323 E.164 Number)
Your SIP/H.323 address for receiving calls is: <username>

4.1 Test numbers

For testing purposes, you may call

5.Network and Firewall / WLAN, DSL, UMTS – Bandwidth

In public Wi-Fis (Eduroam, T-Point, hotels) or at home (DSL, Cable, UMTS), you will usually be able to use Jabber Video without further configuration. You should make sure, however, that there is enough bandwidth available. Especially the upload bandwidth should at least be 384 Kbps, otherwise the video quality will degrade and you may not be able to send/receive presentations. For the best video quality (HD 720p30), we recommend at least 1500 Kbps. With (A)DSL connections, the upload speed is usually significantly less than the advertised (download) speed. For example, upload for T-DSL 16000 is at most 1 Mbit, likely less depending on your connection. Wifi can be a limiting factor in case of bad reception / long distance to the Wifi Access Point. If possible, connect your device to the network via LAN cable for video conferences. You can see the actual bandwith currently available for VC in the Quick Setup wizard. Jabber Video will automatically adapt the video resolution to the available bandwidth, however if your bandwidth is low, this may take a few seconds at the beginning of the call during which the image remains black. In case of really low bandwith, presentation sharing or video altogether may be unavailable. If you are stuck with a low bandwidth connection permanently, you can reduce the initially used bandwith under Settings – Bandwidth.

6. Contact / Hotline

To get an guest account for your conference, please write us an e-mail:
Or contact us via phone: +49 221 5062 700

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