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Journal Article
Kemmerling, B.; Schwedt, A.; Rodriguez, P.; Mazzotta, S.; Frank, M.; Qamar, S. A.; Mengiste, T.; Betsuyaku, S.; Parker, J. E.; Müssig, C. et al.; Thomma, B. P. H. J.; Albrecht, C.; de Vries, S. C.; Hirt, H.; Nürnberger, T.: The BRI1-Associated Kinase 1, BAK1, Has a Brassinolide-Independent Role in Plant Cell-Death Control. Current Biology 17, pp. 1116 - 1122 (2007)
Journal Article
Noël, L. D.; Cagna, G.; Stuttmann, J.; Wirthmueller, L.; Betsuyaku, S.; Witte, C.-P.; Bhat, R.; Pochon, N.; Colby, T.; Parker, J. E.: Interaction between SGT1 and Cytosolic/Nuclear HSC70 Chaperones Regulates Arabidopsis Immune Responses. Plant Cell Online 19, pp. 4061 - 4076 (2007)
Journal Article
Azevedo, C.; Betsuyaku, S.; Peart, J.; Takahashi, A.; Noel, L.; Sadanandom, A.; Casais, C.; Parker, J.; Shirasu, K.: Role of SGT1 in resistance protein accumulation in plant immunity. EMBO Journal 25 (9), pp. 2007 - 2016 (2006)
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