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Journal Article
Huang, S.; Jia, A.; Song, W.; Hessler, G.; Meng, Y.; Sun, Y.; Xu, L.; Laessle, H.; Jirschitzka, J.; Ma, S. et al.; Xiao, Y.; Yu, D.; Hou, J.; Liu, R.; Sun, H.; Liu, X.; Han, Z.; Chang, J.; Parker, J. E.; Chai, J.: Identification and receptor mechanism of TIR-catalyzed small molecules in plant immunity. Science (2022)
Journal Article
Mapar, M.; Chopra, D.; Stephan, L.; Schrader, A.; Sun, H.; Schneeberger, K.; Albani, M.; Coupland, G.; Huelskamp, M.: Genetic and Molecular Analysis of Root Hair Development in Arabis alpina. Frontiers in Plant Science 12, 767772 (2021)
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