Publications of D. S. O'Maoiléidigh

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Journal Article
O'Maoiléidigh, D. S.; van Driel, A. D.; Singh, A.; Sang, Q.; Le Bec, N.; Vincent, C.; Bertran Garcia de Olalla, B.; Vayssières, A.; Romera Branchat, M.; Severing, E. et al.; Martinez-Gallegos, R.; Coupland, G.: Systematic analyses of the MIR172 family members of Arabidopsis define their distinct roles in regulation of APETALA2 during floral transition. PLoS Biology 19 (2), e3001043 (2021)
Journal Article
O'Maoiléidigh, D. S.: A Conserved Mechanism to Terminate Floral Meristems. The Plant Cell 30 (2), p. 260 - 260 (2018)
Journal Article
O'Maoiléidigh, D. S.: Intrafamily Protein Interactions Contribute to DNA Localization. Plant Cell 29 (9), pp. 2076 - 2077 (2017)
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